AoneVoice hosted PBX Solution with versatile features

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Re: AoneVoice hosted PBX Solution with versatile features

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My name is Alex Michel, you may be interested in the next product.

GoAntiFraud ( is a complete solution to manage GoIP equipment more effectively.

It can be achieved by the fact that GoAntiFraud offers:

SIM cards rotation according to the large number of options;
Full automation of the majority of routine processes;
Dealing with USSD requests;
Automated work with SMS traffic;
Simulation of human behavior in GSM networks;
Banding SIM cards in groups to imitate calls on ‘favorite numbers’;
Implementation of daily and weekly cycles of human behavior;
Wide call routing functionality.

And much more, that you can learn from me if you use contacts listed below. Or you can find more information on the website:

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Alex Michel,
Skype: alex.michel1989
Phone: +1 202 864 1191

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AoneVoice hosted PBX Solution with versatile features

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Cloud Technology has been introduced years back but gathered titanic boost during the recent period. A Cloud PBX is such a solution which with the help of VoIP technology transfers calls and data over internet and thereby reach to end users devices like mobile or computers.

PBX refers to Private Branch Exchange which were initially very large hardwares to be operated manually and a person was to be assigned to handle the working of that system.

One of the latest spinoffs of Telecom Technology is Hosted pBx. Hosted PBX is a kind of Virtual PBX which advances you access to PBX capabilities without the involvement of any complicated and expensive equipment. Now, companies can experience Hosted PBX whose all the routing services will be performed by the VoIP Provider and that too fully automized rather than an employee sitting at office premises especially for this task.

AoneVoice has been providing VoIP services since time forever and a day and we have amplified all the features and capabilities for our products.

  • Call Monitoring and Call labels for varied products
  • Day & Night mode
  • Customizable IVRs
  • Call forwarding & Call recording
  • Caller id authentication
  • Auto attendent replacing receptionist
  • Call routing (DID and DDI)
  • Roaming extensions for employees with live call transfers
  • Free conferencing among people
  • Hunt groups for different departments
  • Lower hardware cost and easy to manage
  • Call Queing & instant messaging, voicemails for the same
  • Call labelling with Departmental ringing
  • Call Detail Reports & complete Customer Resource Management

  1. We have option of monthly Rental as hosted PBX as well as one time purchase of PBX with complete customized look and brandname.

  1. We are having advanced Versions Of Switches and complete VoIP Telephony Modules with us.

  1. We offer especially tailored customizations according to varied requirements of different group of organizations

For More Details please visit or send us an e-mail at

Warm Regards,
AoneVoice Team