Urgently need NON CLI routes!!! Skype: dean.ray-corporation

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Re: Urgently need NON CLI routes!!! Skype: dean.ray-corporation

Posted:Thu 06 of Aug, 2015 (10:10 UTC)

My name is Alex Michel, you may be interested in the next product.

GoAntiFraud (https://goantifraud.com) is a complete solution to manage GoIP equipment more effectively.

It can be achieved by the fact that GoAntiFraud offers:

SIM cards rotation according to the large number of options;
Full automation of the majority of routine processes;
Dealing with USSD requests;
Automated work with SMS traffic;
Simulation of human behavior in GSM networks;
Banding SIM cards in groups to imitate calls on ‘favorite numbers’;
Implementation of daily and weekly cycles of human behavior;
Wide call routing functionality.

And much more, that you can learn from me if you use contacts listed below. Or you can find more information on the website: https://goantifraud.com.

Best regards,
Alex Michel,
E-mail: alex@goantifraud.com
Skype: alex.michel1989
Phone: +1 202 864 1191

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Urgently need NON CLI routes!!! Skype: dean.ray-corporation

Posted:Thu 06 of Aug, 2015 (07:14 UTC)

Dear valued provider,

This is Dean Jones from Ray Corporation. Please add me on Skype: dean.ray-corporation

Ray Corporation Limited is a fast developing prominent company located in England and Wales. This is incorporated under the company’s act 1985 as a private company and that the company is limited. This company is formed to develop the communication industries with its own unique technical skills and customer service quality. Ray Corporation Ltd. Deal with A-Z termination and origination. Our only concentration is on wholesale terminations.
We are looking for quality, stable and non cli routes. If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know. We can send you huge quantity of A-Z traffic to your routes.

Urgently need following NON CLI routes:

Ghana mtn
Turkey turkcell
Somalia Hormud

Dean Jones
Sales executive
E-Mail: sales9@ray-corporation.com
Skype: dean.ray-corporation
Mobile: +44 (0) 7827818158
Office: +44 (0) 1612480266
Fax: +44 (0) 1618500155
Corporate Office: Unit 6,
Longsight Business Park
Hamilton Road, Manchester,
M13 0PD, United Kingdom.