MediaCore - Your One-Stop Class 4 Platform

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MediaCore - Your One-Stop Class 4 Platform

Posted:Wed 19 of Aug, 2015 (08:15 UTC)
Speedflow's MediaCore is your all-in-one convenient Class 4 solution. With MediaCore, you can provide all your VoIP and SMS services from a single platform. Use the system's built-in switching, routing, billing, and transcoding modules to save you time and money.

We've also included a revenue assurance system to reduce revenue loss. And now with an integrated SMS module, your company can explore all business opportunities.

As a MediaCore customer, you will receive round-the-clock technical assistance, regular release updates, handy installment plans, and a trial period. To help businesses of all sizes, MediaCore is available in buy, rent, and hosted options.

Maximize your profit with the MediaCore today. To find out more, please contact