CallMax PBX: Reliable VoIP Retail Platform

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CallMax PBX: Reliable VoIP Retail Platform

Posted:Thu 20 of Aug, 2015 (19:27 UTC)
The CallMax PBX engine is a reliable and robust platform designed to provide high-quality PBX services for all kind of end-users. And now Speedflow is offering it for the amazing price of only $200 a month. For an unbelievable price, you get a high-quality hosted solution filled with useful features.

CallMax PBX was designed with simplicity, flexibility, and functionality at the core. The platform enables an unlimited number of PBX accounts & extensions to be created. The solution also includes group calls management, voicemail to email service, extended calls forwarding options and IVR/DID support as standard.

In addition to hosting at our data-centre, the platform also comes with 24/7 technical support, free installation and trainings.

The CallMax IP PBX system can be used as a standalone product or as part of the larger CallMax suite.

For more information about CallMax IP PBX, contact us at