AoneVoice Anti-Blocking Dialers supporting all OS

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AoneVoice Anti-Blocking Dialers supporting all OS

Posted:Sat 22 of Aug, 2015 (06:06 UTC)
If anyone wish to run their own services (Branded) with Mobile Apps for the areas where VoIP is permitted or not can go with our anti-blocking VoIP Solution.

We are providing Mobile apps for all areas either its blocked or not.With our Mobile Dialers, users can make calling anywhere through Pc2Phone Service.You can use any SoftSwitch with our Mobile Dialers or can go with our Complete Package.We provide Dialers for all operating Systems.

We have option of monthly Rental as well as one time purchase of dialers with complete customize look and brandname.

We are having Different Kind Of Switches and complete VoIP Telephony Modules with us.

For More Details please visit www.aonevoice.com or send email at sales@aonevoice.com.

Benefits of AoneVoice Anti-blocking Mobile Dialer:

  • Compatible with all range of mobile platforms.

  • Works on all standard SIP servers (Asterisk, Cisco, etc ).

  • Supports codecs like G729,GSM,and G.711 iLBC, Speex codecs.

  • Customizations offered like header, footer and brand name of your service.

  • Affordable monthly package which ranges from USD 100 & above according to requirement.

  • Good ASR and ACD and minimum call dropping due to good connectivity.

  • Integrated Bandwidth Optimization with Anti-blocking solution.

  • Surpasses conventional VPN situation.

  • Provides Active tunnelling methodology

  • Easy to configure and friendly user interface.

  • Congestion free voice clarity.

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