Hot Selling Direct Routes

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Hot Selling Direct Routes

Posted:Wed 02 of Sep, 2015 (06:38 UTC)
Dear Partners,

I’m Bhavin from Samarth Global Limited. We are based in Hong Kong. We are leading routes provider of International wholesale & retail destinations.

We are offering Top Routes with excellent quality ACD-ASR - Competitive rates and no compromise customer satisfaction.
Presently we are promoting following routes:
Afghanistan AWCC
Afghanistan Roshan
Afghanistan MTN
Mali Mobile Orange
Philippines Mobile Globe
Philippines Mobile Smart
Sri Lanka All(Except Dialog)
Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog
Mozambique mob Movitel
Mozambique mob Vodacom
Indonesia Mob Telkomsel
Indonesia Mob Excelcom
Nepal Mobile NT
Nepal Mobile NT
Nepal Mobile Smart
Nepal Mobile Spice

Pl. contact us on:

Bhavin P
Samarth Global Ltd.
Skype: bhavin.samarth
email: /

We help you to build your voice business at every single step