CallMax Call Shop: Get so Much for Reasonable Price!

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CallMax Call Shop: Get so Much for Reasonable Price!

Posted:Mon 07 of Sep, 2015 (18:46 UTC)
Speedflow's high-quality and reliable Call Shop SaaS is now available at an amazing price, only $200 a month!

As well as hosting at our data-centre, Call Shop SaaS comes with built-in billing, support for all call types (prepaid, postpaid or cash desk) and compatibility with IP phones and PC softphones. Another advantage of the platform is that it enables you to create multiple call shops and numerous cabins from a single account.

The attractive offer doesn't stop there. Also included are around-the-clock technical support, free installation, and convenient trainings.

Take your Call Shop provision to a new level today. You can get CallShop SaaS as either a standalone product or as part of the larger CallMax suite.

For more information about the platform, contact us at software@speedflow.com