[20% Off]VOS3000 SoftSwitch @$300 | Rental VOS 3000 + Custom Server

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Re: [20% Off]VOS3000 SoftSwitch @$300 | Rental VOS 3000 + Custom Server

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Good day!

My name is Alex i'm from GoAntiFraud

GoAntiFraud (https://goantifraud.com) is a complete solution to manage GoIP equipment more effectively.

It can be achieved by the fact that GoAntiFraud offers:

SIM cards rotation according to the large number of options;
Full automation of the majority of routine processes;
Dealing with USSD requests;
Automated work with SMS traffic;
Simulation of human behavior in GSM networks;
Banding SIM cards in groups to imitate calls on ‘favorite numbers’;
Implementation of daily and weekly cycles of human behavior;
Wide call routing functionality.

And much more, that you can learn from me if you use contacts listed below. Or you can find more information on the website: https://goantifraud.com.

Best regards,
Alex Vortsev,
E-mail: alex@goantifraud.com
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Phone: +1 202 864 1191
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[20% Off]VOS3000 SoftSwitch @$300 | Rental VOS 3000 + Custom Server

Posted:Sat 19 of Sep, 2015 (03:57 UTC)
vos3000 is a soft switch based on linux,designed for carrier-class operations.It's tested and proven for its cost-effective operations platform for Global PSTN card operators.VOS3000 is designed for carrier-class operations,providing account management,exchange rate management,rate management,package management,cards management,gateway management,phone management,soft-switch management,IVR management,system management,user management,data query & Web Self-Service System,Increased DTMF delivery methods,signaling trace,Interface shortcuts,sound management interface for Voip business operation needs such functions,and contains the billing system,it is really "all in one "product.

VOS3000 Web Based Billing(New Admin Panel)With Web Secure System.Everything can
be Monitored in a VOS3000 single Web Based Billing.Get comfortable,Monitor and Manage your clients with our VOS3000 Based Billing systems anywhere.

::Rental VOS3000 + Custom Server Package

Dual Xeon 4G 250Gb HDD 500cc ------$99/mon

Dual Xeon 8G 500Gb HDD 1000cc ------$120/mon

Dual Xeon 8G 1Tb HDD 2000cc ------$150/mon

Dual Xeon 16G 1Tb HDD 3000cc ------$180/mon

Dual Xeon 32G 1Tb HDD 5000cc ------$230/mon

:: Available Version Sell For One Life Time

VOS3000 V2.1.2.0 -----$300

VOS3000 V2.1.2.4 -----$300

VOS3000 Web Based Billing With Web Secure System ------$500

Order Now you would get 20% Off

More info you wanna consult,contact us at your convenience.
Skype: vos3000_softswitch
Email: whiskas.vos3000@gmail.com