flash button not working

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Re: flash button not working

Posted:Thu 23 of Aug, 2007 (11:14 UTC)
In the zaptel drivers (1.4.5; don't know before that) you can configure a short flash time in the zconfig.h file:
  • Uncomment if you have a European phone, or any other phone with a
  • short flash time.
  • This will stop the flash being mis-detected as a pulse dial "1" on
  • phones with short flashes
  • /
/* #define SHORT_FLASH_TIME */

Recompile/install after changing this.

flash button not working

Posted:Thu 19 of Aug, 2004 (19:11 UTC)
For european asterisk users...

If your phone's flash button doesn't work in asterisk (or asterisk thinks that you have dialed '1') it may be a problem of ZT_MAXPULSETIME being too high for european phones.

If the "pulse" is shorter than ZT_MAXPULSETIME ms, the zaptel driver takes it as a (pulse-dialed) '1'. If it's longer, it takes it as a "flash". By default ZT_MAXPULSETIME is 150 ms, but many phones in Europe use 80-120 ms flash pulses. The fix is recompiling the zaptel driver, changing the value for ZT_MAXPULSETIME in zaptel.h

(It's an old issue that has appeared several times on the * mailing lists, like
here or here ).