Problem with 7 as perfix

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Re: Problem with 7 as perfix

Posted:Wed 25 of Aug, 2004 (04:25 UTC)
Hi David,

thanks for the feedback. Would you mind reporting this properly by email with a log?

the info on how to obtain a log and where to send it is on the Asterisk Assistants Verbose Logging Wiki page:

thank you

Problem with 7 as perfix

Posted:Mon 23 of Aug, 2004 (12:06 UTC)

I tried tis with just 7 for a prefix, and when I try to dial an FWD number, it seems to drop the leading digit of the FWD number. So I was expecting to dial 7123456 and get to FWD number 123456, but insted looking at the log it dialled 23456.

Also, I don't seem to be able to make inbound calls from FWD to my loocal Asterisk machine. If I do a grep register on the conf file I notice there is no register form my FWD account. When I set this up manually I used a register command ???