VoIP Business Models on Asterisk

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VoIP Business Models on Asterisk

Posted:Sat 12 of Feb, 2005 (22:55 UTC)
VocalScape.com licensed Asterisk for commerical use back in the early fall of 2004, since then they have integrated Asterisk into their proprietary system allowing for:

- VoIP Billing and interfaces
- Interfaces to by-pass the needs for commands in asterisk
- Softphone applications
- Compatibility tests enabling Linksys ATA and Router for VoIP to be preconfigured for fast delivery to residential clients
- multiple routing tables
- 4 various a-z providers installed by default
- http://www.eyefon.com softphone
- http://www.vocalscape.com Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
- Ecommerce that integrates with any merchant provider with current templates for setting up Eurobank Merchant account processing.

If you are an asterisk Guru or beginner, and want to launch a VoIP business similar to packat8, vonage, or the likes...you should talk to VocalScape.

VocalScape is a premier developer of VoIP Software and applications positioning David v.s. Goliath in the upcoming battle for VoIP subscribers. Various business paractices enabled within the software have been quoted by clients as making the software better than the Vonage business model and there is a great deal of optimism with regards to partnering and enabling ISPs, Wireless Companies, and Cable companies. Recently VocalScape finished a SIP based softphone believe to be better than any of the current market softphones. But we'll let you be the judge.

VocalScape has managed to surpass market players with hosted softphone applications because VocalScape allows you to host your own and choose your own routes, not like the expensive alternatives posted below. Softphone providers get you in the rates, while vocalscape lets you choose your own termination. Its a business choice about giving you choice and a great product.