Why not use astcc?

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ASTCC Requirements.

Posted:Wed 10 of Nov, 2004 (01:46 UTC)
Would you care to list some of the options you would like astcc to have that it does not? If you would, I would appreciate it. You can email me directly at darren@hagenhomes.com.


Re: Why not use astcc?

Posted:Mon 27 of Sep, 2004 (17:37 UTC)
astcc use agi, which needs perl etc. it is a very basic cc application. I would like something written in C and directly blend with * source.

advantage of using astcc is that it is agi and hence will remain compatible even when asterisk goes through changes.

Why not use astcc?

Posted:Mon 13 of Sep, 2004 (17:38 UTC)
Is there some reason you would prefer not to use Asterisk's astcc? astcc is the calling card portion of asterisk and can be dl'd from their cvs. astcc uses a MySQL database to store the card information and a .cgi script to manage the database.