DUNDi for local Cluster?

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DUNDi for local Cluster?

Posted:Sat 19 of Mar, 2005 (08:11 UTC)
I know DUNDi as something comparable with ENUM, but won't it be an idea to use this for a cluster solution? I have 8 Asterisk servers and want my customers to connect to any of these. Customer A should be able to connect to, lets say Ast01, customer B will connect to Ast08. Now I want my customer to be able to just dial 1 to get customer A regardless which Asterisk server he decided to connect to (should be loadbalanced).
My problem is to let the Ast08 know that customer A is on Ast01 (maybe this changes after some minutes, so it can't be hardcoded). I use the realtime mode so I use a separate MySQL-Cluster to store tha data.

For not creating a cluster on my own I would like to use an "official" system like DUNDi for getting thisto work. Is this a bad idea?

Rolf (-at- rowi.net)