Anyone have a stable connection to IAXtel?

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Re: Anyone have a stable connection to IAXtel?

Posted:Thu 28 of Jul, 2005 (09:27 UTC)
I'm having plenty of problems. When I first started using them a few months ago, a support guy claimed that there was just too much load on the servers and that some upgrades were being made.

Did they just pack up and leave? What are my options for a free toll-free provider?

At least they could have told me. I feel like the kid who came home from school and found that his family had moved. Since I don't call too many 800 numbers, I just figured I had my dial-plan wrong or the service was down for a few minutes. Then, I thought about it this morning and realized that I've never really had much luck.

what a shame,

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Anyone have a stable connection to IAXtel?

Posted:Mon 28 of Mar, 2005 (19:15 UTC)
I have a couple of numbers registered with IAXtel on the same * box.
They all constantly registers, and seldom work.
When they do work, it usually takes forever for the call to go through.
Is anyone actually using IAXtel with success?