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Posted:Tue 29 of Aug, 2006 (01:03 UTC)
VoiceMail stoarage within IMAP for a voip system has been done before. It's how tekelec's voicemail is stored. The Voicemail app checks the imap email box, and then plays them out. Unfortunately, this voip platform is EXPENSIVE. But I do have to admit, it's pretty darn efficient.

The message contains the information about the message, including time, caller id, and the like, and the voicemail itself is an attachment.

Just thought that I'd offer an "its been done before", but I would like to see this in Asterisk as it would make it a better sell for companies like mine who are impressed with flash.

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Posted:Wed 30 of Mar, 2005 (20:52 UTC)
I've been wondering where Asterisk's voicemail was headed. I like the idea of an IMAP enabled voicemail. I'm not sure how you'd want to pull it off. Here are a few ideas. I really dislike the idea of having two compies of my voicemail. If I delete it from my email it should be gone from the server, this leads me to think eaither A) the server gets them from the IMAP server or B) the vm system is an imap server

1) VM server is an IMAP server. Most email clients these days handle multiple IMAP boxes. - just add the VM IMAP dir to your client and you get full control.

Could have New/Saved Folders - maybe not allow creation, navigation would be hard
Could view all voicemail and easily remove/save them - everyone knows the interface

Forwarding is a weird concept here... it shoudl really forward to another voicemail box if it could... could have multiple addresses for employee, but that gets ugly

2) VM uses imap server... I think this is pretty slick... the question is can it work.

Read aloud subjects of emails, allow ability to read messages... sweet, unless you get a ton of email and just want voicemail
Add a field to the voicemail X-Asterisk-Voicemail... then filter on that so the voicemail can find its messages... only a problem is folders here I think

full intergrated, you remove a message and its gone from both, you can forward just like an email and it'll just end up in the other persons voicemail
can be made to work with nearly any imap server
this would just be slick

Hard to figure out exactly how to deal with folders/other messages