Limitiations with BlueTooth

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Re: Limitiations with BlueTooth

Posted:Thu 30 of Sep, 2004 (17:20 UTC)
Yeah, we're not looking to receive audio via the AT commands, just use them to initiate and monitor connections. Audio would come in via either the Headset protocol, via the normal SCO paths. The S/E commands work great on my T68i - maybe SonyEricsson just has better bluetooth support, too.

Limitiations with BlueTooth

Posted:Thu 30 of Sep, 2004 (15:30 UTC)
I have experience delivering BlueTooth solutions with the Nokia 6310i and can say that AT commands are UNSUITABLE when controlling this handset. They are most unreliable and not feature rich (and don't support audio). You can work with the handset via the Nokia SDK but the handset needs to be v5.50 or later (Audio is still not supported this way). Audio needs to be delivered through standard BlueTooth (but then the handset can only accept ONE connection at a time).

So, summing up, Good Luck, but I think you'll need more than luck.

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