Diagram of system

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Diagram of system

Posted:Thu 30 of Sep, 2004 (15:47 UTC)
I enjoyed your article. As someone who has no experience with telephone systems a basic diagram of the described system would have been very helpful.

The diagram should show the major items from your list of parts used on a standard system:

  • Optiplex GX270
  • 1 600VA or higher UPS *VERY IMPORTANT* - You don't want bad power to kill the system
  • Digium T100P T1 Interface
  • Adtran TA750 /w 12 FXS - 3 Cards (Part # 4175002L3#AC)
  • Adtran TA750 QUAD FXO Card (Part # 1175407L2)
  • 5' Female to Female Amphenol Cable
  • 24 Port Telephone Patch Panel (2 conductor) - See http://www.phonegeeks.com/patpanwit25p.html (cache)
  • 1 24 Port Cat5e Patch Panel
  • Cat5e Cable and RJ45 Jacks (To run between the Desks and Cat5e Patch Panel)
  • Cat3 Cable and RJ11 ends (to patch between the Cat5e panel and the TelephonePanel)
  • Astra PowerTouch 390 Phones (or whatever phone client likes)

Thank you