Comment on Asterisk TDMoE
Joined: Mon 24 of Oct, 2005
Posted:Mon 24 of Oct, 2005 (17:52 UTC)
Yesterday I contacted Digium via email. I told them I have problem with using TE110P and TDMoE at the same time. kernel dumps lots of garbage on console complaining about irq and hangs. And Digium replied with saying:

TDMoE is not supported freely by Digium.

Of course, I replied again:

I think it's not about support for TDMoE. Instead, it's about driver for TE110P.
This particular driver makes Linux 2.6 kernel hang when enabling one feature of a software, which the vendor claims FULLY SUPPORTED BY ITS HARDWARE.

This bug is reported many times in the mailing list.

And all I ask is please fix your driver, not your technical staff's helping
setting up. Or did you mistake, this requires special set-ups?

So I ask here. If anybody know of this?