Can you make your ideas more clear?

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Can you make your ideas more clear?

Posted:Sat 12 of Nov, 2005 (20:20 UTC)
Based on what Todd said, I think it's very possible, at least on Jabber. There are some progress on and also on asterisk-im already.
But I have some other thinkings. Below is my thoughs.

- Since not all phones are capable of sending/receiving message, what we care is only the presence status of the phone. It can be done through the pubsub component of jabber.
- query status of an jabber user throught asterisk? what's it for? we cannot known that the jabber user support phone calls or not. But jabber also provide the JUD, vCARD, etc... so it's possible to try to call one jabber users. Something like Yahoo or MSN, when we register one mobile phone, some friend can SMS to us.
- phone user send message to jabber user? It's possible (template????), but for what reason? It's only one way message, and have not much common with IM.

So I do think that only the PHONE STATUS part is important in jabber<=>asterisk integration. Since the dummy phone cannot handle 2 ways communications with some jabber or other text IM clients, even with support of such great PBX as *.

And the task of full??? integration, we can leave to some kind of client app, which speaks both IAX2/SIP/Jabber.
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