SIP Stack/Client with API ?

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SIP Stack/Client with API ?

Posted:Mon 28 of Sep, 2015 (14:31 UTC)

In order to perform very (very) specific space test scenario, we ough to connect to Asterisk (SIP) with a Rasb-Pi (+headset) but where the GUI would be remote (from a tablet)

So, the call initiation/termination would be done at the RasbPi level, the audio loop also, but we would like to have the ability to remotely hang-off, redial, stop the call from the tablet.
I would have suggest to push any Sip client/softphone GUI (Linphone) in a X11 server on the tablet, but having them natively running on the Rasb-Pi..however this is a bit clumsy ... (plus I am not sure about X11 forward on a tablet)

We could use an existing SIP Stack/CLI, and throw a very simple web/C++/Java/.... GUI on the tablet ?
Simply put: are there web SIp client ?
Any suggestion?

Hope my explanation is clear enough ! :)