CallMax: Pioneering PBX Platform

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CallMax: Pioneering PBX Platform

Posted:Mon 28 of Sep, 2015 (18:45 UTC)
If you're looking to migrate to a next-level PBX platform, choose CallMax from Speedflow. The reliable and robust software enables you to provide high-quality services to all kinds of end-users. The platform also allows to you create an unlimited number of PBX accounts and extensions.

To help businesses expand their customer base, we've included compatibility with a variety of different payment processing systems. In addition, our modern Linux-based web interface has been designed to be incredibly convenient and easy to use for the end-user. CallMax IP PBX also includes group calls management
, a voicemail to email service, extended calls forwarding options, and IVR/DID support as standard.

To help make your migration quick and painless, you can take advantage of 24/7 technical assistance, free installation and trainings.

For an IP PBX platform that combines simplicity, flexibility and functionality, choose IP PBX today. To find out more, contact us at