AccuCore SaaS Brings Super Savings!

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AccuCore SaaS Brings Super Savings!

Posted:Wed 30 of Sep, 2015 (07:03 UTC)
Speedflow's AccuCore software has gained a good reputation for enabling effective VoIP accounting and financial analysis. Now companies can use AccuCore as a convenient and cost-effective service. Your can use all of AccuCore's helpful features but with lower expenditure.

AccuCore SaaS comes with many useful benefits that are perfect for companies of any size. The service includes price-lists management, invoicing, balancing, CDR comparison, IAS and GAAP reporting, as well as other tools.

With AccuCore SaaS you save money usually wasted during software implementation. Speedflow's dedicated and professional Outstaffing Team will ensure AccuCore is quickly implemented into your infrastructure. This means your company won't need to hire additional staff or retrain your managers.

For more information about the service, contact Ako Gurjinyan at