Live wholesale & CLI traffic here

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Live wholesale & CLI traffic here

Posted:Thu 01 of Oct, 2015 (12:36 UTC)
Hello Partners
Everest International Trading Co, Inc. is a fast developing prominent VoIP service provider located in USA. We are dedicated to provide full service communication technology and providing the highest level of communication services and connecting you with people all over the world. We deal with A-Z termination and origination. We are mainly concentrating on wholesale/direct terminations. If you have VOIP direct quality routes please let us know, we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.
Afghanistan Mobile Roshan Standard 25% 2.5mins
Algeria Mobile Wataniya Standard 20% 2mins
Bangladesh Mobile Standard 40% 4mins
Burkina Faso Mobile Airtel Standard 25% 1.5-2mins
Burkina Faso Mobile Telmob Standard 25% 1.5mins
Cameroon Mobile MTN Standard 25% 3mins
Cuba All Standard 20% 3-4mins
Ghana Mobile MTN Standard 30% 2.5mins
Ethiopia all Standard 30% 3mins
Guatemala Mobile Telefonica Premium 65% 6mins
Haiti Mobile Digicel CLI 50% 4mins
Honduras Mobile Celtel Standard 60% 3.5mins
Honduras Mobile Celtel CLI 70% 4mins
Honduras Mobile Megatel CLI 60% 4mins
Hong Kong Fixed CLI 45% 7mins
Hong Kong Mobile Standard 25% 3.5mins
Kenya Mobile Safaricom Standard 20% 4mins
Laos All CLI 35% 6-8mins
Libya Mobile Almadar Premium 20% 2.5mins
Libya Mobile Libyana Premium 20% 2.5mins
Malawi Mobile Standard 30% 2mins
Morocco Mobile IAM Standard 25% 2.5mins
Morocco Mobile IAM CLI 35% 4mins
Morocco Mobile Meditel Standard 25% 2.5mins
Morocco Mobile Wana Standard 25% 2.5mins
Niger Fixed Standard 20% 2mins
Pakistan Mobile Mobilink Standard 25% 4mins
Pakistan Mobile Zong Standard 20% 3-4mins
Pakistan Mobile Zong CLI 30% 6mins
Senegal Mobile Orange Standard 25% 2mins
Sudan Mobile MTN Standard 20% 2.5mins
Sudan Mobile Zain Standard 25% 2-2.5mins
Tunisia Mobile All Standard 25% 2mins
Francis S. Xavier
Sr. Executive: Sales & Marketing
Everest International Trading Co, Inc.
Mail & MSN- sales@everestintl-inc.com

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Joseph Anthony Parker
Vice President
Everest International Trading Co, Inc