tftp cfg.txt

Posted:Tue 20 of Apr, 2004 (13:28 UTC)
i tried to build a cfg.txt as described above (with all P?? parameters listed on the web-config-page). as checksum algo i used crc16.
the phone loads this cfg.txt but ignores it.
it would be very helpful to have some or at least one working cfg.txt to reverse engineer the binary header data.
if anyone were able to help here, please contact me at: x at
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Tftp cfg.txt

Posted:Mon 09 of Feb, 2004 (19:47 UTC)
The format of cfg.txt from a ethereal trace:
binary header:
00 00 01 00 (always the same start) 52 d2 (checksum of 2 bytes which may be calculated depending on the clear text part?) 00 0b 82 00
XX XX (phones mac address in hex) 0d 0a 0d 0a (two carriage return and new
after this header the config follows in clear text - looks url encoded like
: P2=admin&P8=0... etc.
the clear text is terminated with a 00 byte