<<< Direct Route (HUGE live Traffic Available)

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<<< Direct Route (HUGE live Traffic Available)

Posted:Mon 05 of Oct, 2015 (08:51 UTC)
Dear Friends,

I represent UK VOICE CALL LTD, United Kingdom. UK VOICE CALL LTD is Fast and developing Prominent VOIP services solutions provider located in United Kingdom.
It has the global reputation to deal with A-Z terminations.

Below Route Requirement From UK VOICE CALL

Cameroon - Cli and NON CLI
Thailand -Cli and NON CLI
Kuwait - Cli and NON CLI
Egypt -Cli and NON CLI
Gambia - Cli and NON CLI
Myanmar - Cli and NON CLI
Nepal - Cli and NON CLI
Morocco - Cli and NON CLI
Afghanistan -Cli and NON CLI
Yemen -Cli and NON CLI
Tunisia -Cli and NON CLI
Ghana -Cli and NON CLI

Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

Best Regards
Barry Stout

Sales Executive
E-mail & Live IM: sales4@uk-voicecall.com
Skype: bstout77
Website: www.uk-voicecall.com