Local DID's way out in the country, excellent

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Local DID's way out in the country, excellent

Posted:Sat 10 of Dec, 2005 (06:36 UTC)
Hi, I've been using Teliax since July, 2005. One of the great things was being able to get a local Dial-in number in a town of 8k, on the northern olympic penninsula, facing Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. They've been reliable, helped me finally hop on board and try a real asterisk system, using the IAX2 protocol. I started with the monthly flat fee account, but have switched to pay-as-you-go, no problems. The support page inside my online account control panel has examples for iax.conf, extensions.conf and/or sip.conf using my exact account settings, so I could cut-and-paste, helped a lot.

Good luck.