Leading voip wholesale and retail telecom

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Leading voip wholesale and retail telecom

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We're a Wholesale carrier routing 3-4 Million wholesale minutes per day and we are constantly looking to increase this volume with the help of our providers. We have flexible postpayment terms and proudly are debt free company with an annual 35 M USD revenue. We are working with more than 400 vendors and 150 customers all over the world .
Americas: Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua - Managua, Colombia proper and mobile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Venezuela mobile, Paraguay, Uruguay and others.

Asia & Pacific: Nepal mobile and Katmandu, Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines, Sri Lanka, Laos proper and cell, Fiji, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mongolia.

Arab States: Egypt cell and proper, United Arab Emirates proper and UAE Dubai Cell, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain...

Africa: Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ghana Accra , Guinea, Nigeria - Lagos and Cell, Ethiopia Addis Ababa, Togo, Mali, Ghana and Accra, Angola, Liberia, Congo, Cameroon, Swaziland, Tunisia, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Zimbabwe, Zaire and others...

Europe & CIS: Turkey, Albania cellular, Latvia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslav Cell, Serbia and Montenegro, Europeans┬┤ GSM: Greece, UK, Swiss, Germany, France, New Zealand, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Netherlands -...

Please contact me on SKYPE or Send me email if you match or come close to our targets , You can also send your TOP WORKING ROUTE with Offer Rate , STATS to review .

Your earliest response will be greatly appreciated !!!!!!


Jak Matalon Intelligencia; Jak Matalon International - Arus Telecom- Jak Matalon

Dear Partners/Long Distance Telcos/ Wholesale Carriers ,

Greetings ! Bonjour !

We're ARUS TELECOM LTD - A leading wholesale & retail Telecommunication providerWe're headquartered in
Cyprus with operational base in Turkey and our specialization is In quite a few middle east countries.
Our promoters presence have been in the industry for around 8 years and we've been operational with the
established entity since past 3 years .

We terminate over 3 -4million minutes a day to various International destinations and known as an incumbent carrier
for most of our specialized routes due to Our partner presence accessibility and direct control.

Jak Matalon : Information of our entity could be accessed at www.arustel.com .

Jak Matalon - Being a calling card (www.kart2013.com) company we 've a strong retail customer base and
the entity envisions to be a one stop solution provider of both retal and wholesale
telecommunications services.

For interconnection/route opportunities, please contact us Sales Team at sales@arustel.com

Thank you !

Arus Telecom Ltd