Urgent Ncli Route Need-Morocco-Algeria-Gabon-Mozambique-Cuba-Chad-Senegal-Eritrea-BD

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Urgent Ncli Route Need-Morocco-Algeria-Gabon-Mozambique-Cuba-Chad-Senegal-Eritrea-BD

Posted:Mon 19 of Oct, 2015 (07:36 UTC)
Dear Valued Provider,

Telex California LLC is a leading and fastest developing provider of innovative voice and IP solutions empowering communications companies to create the most efficient and valuable global interconnections. Since its inception, Telex California LLC has made significant contributions to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) wholesale and retail markets. Telex California LLC offers the greatest flexibility in global scale, platform intelligence, and wholesale voice services to Carriers, Service Providers and business customers and managed solutions to achieve commercial efficiency and interconnection simplicity all over the world.

URGENTLY required ROUTES for our following initial DAILY BULK LIVE TRAFFIC:

Afghanistan Mobile
Albania Mobile Vodafone
Algeria Mobile
Armenia Mobile
Argentina Mobile
Azerbaijan Mobile
Bangladesh Mobile
Belarus Mobile Velcom
Belarus Fixed
Burkina Faso Mobile
Chad Mobile Millicom
Colombia Movistar
Cuba all
DR Congo Mobile VODACOM
Ecuador Mobile
Egypt Mobile
Eritrea Fixed
Eritrea Mobile
Ethiopia Mobile
Gambia Fixed
Gambia Mobile All
Gabon Mobile All
Ghana Mobile All
Georgia Mobile All
Guinea Mobile All
Guatemala Mobile Comcel/Mtn/Airtel
Haiti Mobile COMCEL
Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
Iran Fixed
Iran Mobile
Iraq Mobile ASIA CELL
Iraq Mobile
Iraq Fixed
Ireland Mobile Vodafone
Ivory Coast Mobile
Jamaica Mobile
Kazakhstan Mobile
Kazakhstan Proper
Kenya Mobile Safaricom
Kyrgyzstan Mobile
Kuwait Mobile
Malawi Mobile
Mali Mobile
Maldives FIXED
Maldives Mobile
Macedonia Mobile T-Mobile
Madagascar Mobile ORANGE
Mexico Mobile
Monaco Mobile
Mongolia Fixed MTC
Mongolia Mobile
Mozambique Mobile Vodacom
Moldova Mobile
Montenegro Mobile
Mauritania FIXED
Mauritania Mobile
Myanmar Fixed
Myanmar Mobile
Nepal Mobile spice
Nicaragua Mobile
Nigeria Mobile MTN
Oman Fixed
Oman Mobile
Pakistan Mobile
Philippines Mobile
Portugal Mobile
Qatar Mobile
Romania Mobile
Saudi Arabia
Senegal Mobile
Syria Mobile
Somalia Mobile
Sudan Mobile
Tanzania Mobile
Trinidad and Tobago Mobile
Togo Mobile Togocel
Tunisia Mobile
Turkmenistan Mobile
Turkmenistan Proper
Uganda Mobile
Uruguay Fixed MONTEVIDEO
United Arab Emirates Fixed Dubai
United Arab Emirates Mobile
Venezuela Mobile
Viet Nam Mobile
Yemen Mobile Sabafone
Zimbabwe Mobile

Please do hurry to Contact with Us with Your Route Stats (ASR & ACD).Route Must Be 100% Fas Free...
Your Early Response Are Cordially Welcomed...

Thanks & Best Regards.

James Smith
Business Development Manager
Telex California LLC
Skype- james.telex
Mail- sales1@telex-llc.com
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Jackson Heights, Queens, NY-11372.
Business Phone: +1-646-286-6180