[20% Off]VOS3000 SoftSwitch @$300 | Rental VOS 3000 + Custom Server

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[20% Off]VOS3000 SoftSwitch @$300 | Rental VOS 3000 + Custom Server

Posted:Fri 23 of Oct, 2015 (04:57 UTC)
Dear voip providers:
We can offer you cost-effective and custom server with VOS3000 softsiwtch.VOS3000 is a soft switch based on linux,designed for carrier-class operations.It's tested and proven for its cost-effective operations platform for Global PSTN card operators.VOS3000 Web Based Billing(New Admin Panel)With Web Secure System.Everything can be Monitored in a VOS3000 single Web Based Billing.Get comfortable,Monitor and Manage your clients with our VOS3000 Based Billing systems anywhere.

::Rental VOS3000 + Custom Server Package

Dual Xeon 4G 250Gb HDD 500cc ------$99/mon

Dual Xeon 8G 500Gb HDD 1000cc ------$120/mon

Dual Xeon 8G 1Tb HDD 2000cc ------$150/mon

Dual Xeon 16G 1Tb HDD 3000cc ------$180/mon

Dual Xeon 32G 1Tb HDD 5000cc ------$230/mon

:: Available Version Sell For One Life Time

VOS3000 V2.1.2.0 -----$300

VOS3000 V2.1.2.4 -----$300

VOS3000 Web Based Billing With Web Secure System ------$500

Order Now you would get 20% Off

More info you wanna consult,contact us at your convenience.
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Email: whiskas.vos3000@gmail.com