Buyers BEWARE of Grandstream Enterprise Phones

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Buyers BEWARE of Grandstream Enterprise Phones

Posted:Fri 05 of Aug, 2016 (21:51 UTC)
Buyers BEWARE of Grandstream Enterprise Phones

List of my issues and a story of my struggle with grandstream.

I have filed numerous bugs in the past 6 month for GXP 2170, none of which have been fixed yet even after 4 FW releases Software support is very bad
Helpdesk is useless, they say that we submitted the bug and there is nothing else they can do, not even provide an estimated resolution time.

Phone is still unstable and unpredictable in a real Enterprise environment LLDP etc
If you think Enterprise phones from grandstream are suitable for REAL Enterprise you are insane
GXP2170 Phone looks appealing but once you get a chance to work with it you realize that all these features are pointless if they do not work properly. Lack of support and the amount of persistent bugs is staggering Beware
I am not going to go into too many details since a lot of issues have been covered in their forum already, so here is my quick list

1. LLDP is still not working. Apparently it was fixed in v..65 but I still see no change from before
LLDP tables are not populated properly with the cisco switch, implementation of LLDP is still broken which renders the phone a useless door stopper. Real Enterprise jewel

2. Cannot place an outgoing call or use the phone features if WAN connection to Internet is down FW v. Another Enterprise Feature
If phone is local to the PBX and the WAN is down, nobody can use the phone because it has a stupid INTERNET DOWN popup which locks the phone completely until connectivity is restored
No testing on the software team part at all it seems

3. BLFs are broken too if you use Reserved Red, Reserved Green and Inverse profiles.
They will not reset back to the original state once triggered Bug64206
Users are forced to stare all day at 10 Super Bright blinding LEDs because GS cannot fix this little bug in over 6 month BLF states are messed up as well and not updating properly.
Another example of Enterprise stewardship

4. Overall usability is unrefined, BLFs are hidden during the call or when dialing... BLF LEDs are not working when phone is in use as they are turned off and are not functioning. Really suitable feature for Enterprise environments

5. Build quality is hit and miss too, some phones have rattling handset noise inside, other have a loud speaker making funny noises vibrational when set to maximum volume.

6. Noise Suppression on Bluetooth Hands Free makes it sound as if the call has dropped and the other party would constantly say: hello, are you there
There should be a way to configure different levels for noise cancellation, otherwise this neat feature is useless as so many other things on this phone! Another useless Enterprise feature!

7, 8, 9, 10 ... I can continue for hours but I have to go... Just read their forum...

At the end I am left with the Buyer's remorse, big headache and lots of lost time and productivity
I wonder how GS is still in business and selling these phones!