Cuba NCLI ditrect route needed urgently

Joined: Fri 23 of Sep, 2016

Cuba NCLI ditrect route needed urgently

Posted:Fri 07 of Oct, 2016 (06:19 UTC)
Dear partners,

We are looking for below mentioned destinations Cli and ncli routes urgently............

Bangladesh Mobile All Ncli
Nepal Nt
Sudan zain
Sudan mtn
Kenya safaricom
Ethiopia All
Maldives Mobile All
Senegal Mobile All
Afghanistan All
Tanzania All
Saudi Mobile All
Cameroon Mobile ALl
India All
Albania All
Guatemala All
Jamaica All
Chad mobile All
Ghana mobile All
Moldova Mobile
Uruguay Mobile
Paraguay Mobile
Morocco mobile all
Algeria All
Zimbabwe All
Tunisia All
Niger mobile All
Gabon mobile All
Mali All
Ukraine fixed
Belarus fixed
Mozambique mobile All
Burundi All
Burkina Faso mobile All
Laos Mobile

Please contact with me early