3CX Delivers Fast, Secure, and Reliable UC with New V15.5 Web Client

Zenica JoyJun 08, 2017

Switching from an outdated, legacy public branch exchange (PBX) system to a more advanced Unified Communications (UC) solution can be challenging for businesses and their IT teams. To make the transition as easy, seamless, and painless as possible for organizations, they need an innovative web client solution that can help them ensure a faster, more secure, and more reliable way to deliver and/or take advantage of UC across different platforms.

Enter the solution: 3CX Phone System V15.5

Developed by 3CX, a trusted developer of next-generation, software-based Unified Communications (UC) solution, the new V15.5 Phone System continues to build on the company’s “Deploy Anywhere” strategy. Boasting a modern user interface and integrated features, this cutting-edge web Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) client improves click to call and smartphone and desk phone control and enables users to efficiently manage inbound calls, transfer calls, and elevate a call to a conference call with a single click. No additional plugins are required, and users can take advantage of their CRM system or Office 365 with Click2Call.

New 3CX V15.5: Setting the Standard in Usability and Scalability

Whether on-premise or in the cloud, the 3CX V15.5 delivers exceptional user experience while running on any platform. In the cloud environment, 3CX can be deployed using popular PBX Express tool and support more hosters like 1&1. This only means that organizations can self-host a complete UC system with less effort.Nick Galea CEO of 3CX

In a presentation and live Q&A posted on the company’s YouTube channel, 3CX’s Chief Executive Officer, Nick Galea shared the key features of the newly enhanced web client solution. “V15.5 has many new features; however, it is entirely based on the tried and tested V15 architecture,” said Galea. “This is an easy upgrade. No installation is required, the update can be done in place from the management console. Hence, we’ve named it 15.5.”

This modern web client is optimized for open standards browsers such as Firefox and Chrome. 3CX V15.5  can also be deployed on MiniPC appliances of leading brands such as Intel, Shuttle, Zotac, and Gigabyte.

“3CX V15.5 further builds on our “Deploy Anywhere“ strategy – It can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or even on an appliance, leaving partners and customers in full control of the installation,”  added Galea.

By allowing the use of appliances that are accessible worldwide, with local service, and at a lesser cost compared to proprietary PBX appliances, 3CX V15.5 works best for small-caps offices without an existing server.

How 3CX V15.5 Ensures Successful UC Developments

The New 3CX V15.5 offers enhancements and fresh new features to the 3CX experience that businesses are familiar with. Built using the most modern web technologies, this innovative web client is fast, secure, and easy to deploy across any operating systems.

“With the latest release it is now possible to remote control smartphone clients,” said Amy Elliott, a Marketing Executive at 3CX. “And control of desk phones is much easier with the implementation of the User Agent Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (uaCSTA) standard. We’ve also introduced the web client which can be easily accessed from anywhere without the need for any additional software downloads.”3CX V15.5 Web Client Solution

Below are the  key features and capabilities that enable 3CX V15.5 to deliver high levels of usability and scalability:  

  • Integrated Web Conferencing - 3CX is the first PBX provider that integrates the web conferencing feature free of charge and/or with no extra licensing or administration for up to 100 participants.This new web client supports video conferencing. Users can effortlessly initiate a web conference from the client without the hassle of downloading and installing plugins.
  • Click to Call Extension for Google Chrome - This new web client features a Click to Call Extension for Google Chrome that allows one-click dialing for Office 365 and customer relationship management (CRM) systems without downloading and installing plugins. Because of this, users can easily dial a number from a web page.
  • Automated Failover and Zero Admin. Through a simple dashboard, the 3CX V15.5 enables users to easily monitor and manage their security updates, backup and restore, and failover. 
  • Integrated Hotel Module - 3CX V15.5  works seamlessly with on-premise or cloud solutions so there will be no separate download or installation necessary to run the system.
  • Easily Customizable. This new web client supports more applications. This way, users can take advantage of their 3CX experience by integrating the apps they need for their businesses, such as Salesforce and Office365.
  • Enhanced Remote Phone Control -  3CX V15.5 enables easy management of calls on desktops and smartphones. Using the uaCSTA standard for deskphone, the remote phone control capabilities of 3CX V15.5  has been significantly improved. Because of this, phones can be easily managed or controlled whether it’s running the 3CX in the cloud or on-premise, or regardless of where the extension is. Additionally, 3CX smartphone clients can be remote controlled, making this a great benefit for those that work at home or remotely. 
Aside from these features, 3CX also includes VoIP clients for Android and iOS that allow the user to use their office extension wherever they go. “Users are then able to answer their office extensions and transfer calls to colleagues directly from their mobile device,” said Elliott.

What Makes 3CX Unique

“We’re constantly working on making our mobile clients more efficient and user-friendly,” said Elliott. “For example, we included Apple CallKit integration for a more consistent experience when using 3CX, so that calls can be answered and handled just like a regular phone call.”

Plus, 3CX enables small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises to enjoy top-level UC tools through their PBX Express. Users can use the PBX Express tool to easily deploy 3CX in the cloud in a matter of minutes.

“By configuring your PBX through the PBX Express tool, end users and resellers are automatically issued with a free 8 simultaneous call license,” said Elliott. “The license comes complete with one year of free DNS hosting, 1 SIP trunk, a free SSL certificate, 5 web conferencing participants, free updates and community-based support and in this way, a fully functional setup can be conducted in the cloud.”

Through PBX Express, businesses can have a fully functional PBX that efficiently runs in the cloud but also allows them to have a full control of their communication tools.

The following features make 3CX an ideal solution to help businesses achieve top-level unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tools.

  • Can be deployed on both Window and Linux as well as the cloud or on-premise;
  • Easy to setup and deploy in a matter of minutes;
  • Open-standards;
  • No vendor lock-in; and
  • Easier to manage, no specialist training required.

For more information about 3CX V15.5, PBX Express, and other unified communications and collaboration solutions, visit 3CX’s official website.


About 3CX

3CX is a 100% channel company that aims to innovate communications and replace proprietary PBXs to cut telco costs and boosts business efficiency. As a trusted developer of a software-based and open standards IP PBX, 3CX  provides a comprehensive suite UC&C solutions that include softphones for Windows and Mac; smartphone clients for Android, iOS, and Windows phones; and integrated WebRTC web conferencing. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, 3CX is trusted by more than 50,000 businesses across the world.