3CX Partners with net2phone to Deliver Top-Level VoIP Solutions in the US

Zenica JoyApr 04, 2017

Communication is a crucial part of any business, and Voice over Internet Protocol (commonly referred to as "VoIP") has rapidly become the technology of choice for making and receiving high-quality voice calls. With robust included features on top of benefits such as financial savings, flexibility, mobility, and the multifunctionality, it makes good business sense to switch to VoIP and employ the help of a reliable VoIP provider.

Trusted VoIP providers allow organizations to facilitate modern, on-the-go business communication while providing significant cost-savings. Given this, 3CX, a leading developer of the next-generation software-based Unified Communications System, has announced their partnership with net2phone, a global leader in VoIP solutions. Through 3CX’s partnership with net2phone, the company aims to help their channel partners and end-users leverage top quality VoIP solutions.

How net2phone Helps 3CX’s Partners and End-Users3CX Logo

Getting a foothold in the VoIP market is possible by making strategic alliances with reliable VoIP providers. As one of the world’s largest international voice carriers, teaming up with net2phone can help 3CX provide top-level VoIP service and support to their partners and customers while reducing costs. With a global network of partners and thousands of business customers, net2phone can help organizations have access to innovative, cost-effective, and customizable telephony solutions.

Octavius Gould, the General Manager at 3CX North America, has this to say about their partnership with net2phone. “The successful interoperability testing between 3CX and net2phone will allow 3CX Partners and end users in the US to choose net2phone as their VoIP Provider for use with their 3CX PBX. net2phone is a global leader in VoIP solutions and one of the largest international voice carriers in the world, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. We can rest assured that net2phone will provide 3CX customers with top-level VoIP service and support.”

With over 1,000 employees across six continents and data centers in seven countries, net2phone supports partners and end-users with on-demand customer service and accessible technical expertise. Plus, leveraging net2phones’ full suite of VoIP solutions, including hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking, can help lessen operating expenses associated with the repair and maintenance of costly legacy telecommunications infrastructure.Jonah Fink of net2phone,

Jonah Fink, the President at net2phone, shared how their SIP trunking solution can help 3CX. “Our certified SIP Trunking solution is the perfect complement for 3CX’s next-generation unified communications system. Our SIP Trunking service offers unlimited calling to the US, Canada, Mexico, India and more than 20 other popular destination countries for a low, flat monthly rate. And because we provision only through qualified and trusted channel partners, our partners are free to tailor customized solutions to fit the technical and budgetary requirements of each of their 3CX customers.”

Providing Cutting-edge and Cost-efficient Telephony Solutions

In conjunction with net2phone’s low-cost hosted PBX and SIP Trunking solutions, 3CX’s unified communications solution delivers a feature-rich, scalable, and affordable telephony platform for businesses. 3CX’s comprehensive suite of UC solutions offers small and mid-sized businesses and large enterprises the following benefits:

  • Boosts business productivity with the use of a comprehensive UC solution that includes enterprise-grade features like presence, web conferencing, chat, softphones, smartphone clients, and more.
  • Affordable, easy to install, and manage UC platform
  • Enhances mobility to enable employees to work from anywhere with the use of iOS and Android clients.
  • Delivers integrated video conferencing using Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC), a collection of communications protocol and application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable real-time multimedia communications capabilities directly into a web browser.
  • Improves customer service by integrating Click2Call and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Reduces telephone bills by using reliable SIP trunking solutions and VoIP providers.
  • Allows smaller installations on premise or on a low-cost MiniPC and leverages current servers using Hyper-V or VMware
  • Enables businesses to stay in control whether in the cloud or on premise. 3CX’s enables self-hosting on Google, Amazon, OVH, and more.

For further details about 3CX’s unified communications solutions, please visit their website. You can also learn more about net2phone’s hosted PBX and SIP trunking solutions through their product page.


About 3CX

3CX is a leading developer of a software-based and open standards IP PBX. 3CX helps companies boost their productivity and mobility through a complete Unified Communications package that includes integrated WebRTC, web conferencing, softphones for Windows and Mac, and smartphone clients for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Being a 100% channel company, 3CX exclusively sells through its channel of Partners. The 3CX Partner Program provides resellers free technical and sales training as well as a free NFR key. 3CX maintains a global presence with fifteen offices worldwide including the US, Germany, Japan, France, Russia, South Africa, Australia, the UK, and more.

About net2phone

net2phone is a market leader in Voice over Internet Protocol solutions and one of the largest international voice carriers in the world. Established in 1996, net2phone is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide with 1000 employees across 6 continents and data centers in 7 countries. As the largest distributor-based VoIP provider worldwide, net2phone delivers a full suite of VoIP solutions that can enhance communications to keep businesses running at peak efficiency.