3CX Rolls Out New Cloud Deployment Tool, PBX Express

Zenica JoyApr 19, 2017

Organizations of all sizes and industries are turning to cloud services to help power their business operations, generate more sales, and increase their revenue. While legacy PBXs and on-site equipment used to be the norm, companies are now shifting and adapting to the new technologies and capabilities that the cloud is introducing. From data storage to security to real-time analytics, the introduction of the cloud in business communications is changing the way people communicate. Businesses are becoming more mobile, utilizing mobile applications and cloud technologies to employ remote workers. Because of this, service providers and enterprises are slowly making the transition towards adapting to new technologies to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of business communications and collaboration solutions.

In fact, according to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, approximately 86% of businesses spend at least part of their information technology (IT) budget on cloud services and an average of 79% companies receive regular requests from end users to purchase more cloud applications.

As cloud-based services and VoIP solutions become more prevalent in the corporate world, service providers are working towards enabling business customers to seamlessly integrate hosted communications into their organizational workflows and to grant access to a wealth of productivity-boosting communication tools. And with 3CX’s latest product development, PBX Express, users and resellers can easily setup a complete cloud private branch exchange (PBX) system in a cloud of their choice within minutes.

Delivering a Secure PBX System in the Cloud

3CX, a trusted developer of the next generation software-based Unified Communications Solution, aims to help small and mid-size businesses and large companies enjoy top-level unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) tools with the help of PBX Express.nick galea chief executive officer at 3cx

According to Nick Galea, the Chief Executive Officer at 3CX, “PBX Express makes deploying 3CX in the cloud super easy and most importantly allows you to leverage one of the many high-quality yet low-cost cloud providers available. [And you can] retain control and cut costs.” These capabilities make PBX Express ideal for businesses that need a fully functional PBX that runs in the cloud but still allows them full control of their communication tools.

Leveraging PBX Express also provides end users with complete and flexible choices of SIP trunks and devices. Business customers can also take advantage of enterprise-grade productivity features that include softphone and smartphone clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, presence, chat, and integrated video conferencing solutions, unlimited extensions, 8 simultaneous calls, and 5 web conferencing participants for free.

Amy Elliott, a Marketing Executive at 3CX, had this to say about the benefits of installing PBX Express:

“It’s a great chance for smaller businesses to get enterprise level communications and for larger businesses to trial all that 3CX has to offer. When it comes to resellers, it’s an excellent tool for quickly setting up customer’s PBX whilst retaining control. We’ve ensured that every partner is assigned their customer’s PBX installation by allowing them to enter their Partner ID during the setup process.”

Plus, using the PBX Express tool enables resellers to install a dedicated instance of 3CX under their own account at one of the leading cloud service providers and fully manage it for their customers. This way, 3CX Partners no longer need to invest in dedicated servers and/or hardware to set up a complex multi-tenant 3CX installation. Anyone with a stable Internet connection can easily install their PBX in a matter of minutes.

Setting Up a New PBX System with PBX Express

PBX Express is an 8-step, online wizard that helps organizations install and configure a complete and fully functional hosted PBX in the cloud within minutes. Using this development tool creates an entirely new 3CX PBX installation hosted on Amazon, OVH, Google Cloud, or any OpenStack based Virtual Private Server (VPS) provider. Plus, the same features, settings, and management are available as with 3CX’s existing on-premise and cloud versions.3cx launches pbx express

PBX Express’ 8-step installation requires the user to answer crucial questions to define the preferences of their system such as the hostname, extension length, timezone, and cloud provider. This new deployment tool takes the essential information provided by the user and performs all of the necessary work associated with setting up the PBX. "Even a novice can have their PBX up and running in no time," said Elliott. If needed, more advanced configuration can be done in the management console of the phone system after the installation has been completed.

Highlights of PBX Express

Aside from productivity benefits, PBX Express delivers the following key features and capabilities for businesses.

  • Flexible and Scalable. PBX Express allows end users to set up the PBX in their own cloud account so that they can keep control of their PBX or their customers’ PBXs. The online wizard allows users to install the free PBX in minutes so customers can take on more advanced configuration and customize their system, thereby creating the best solution that fits their business' requirement.
  • Easy to use and manage. PBX Express installs the same as 3CX PBX, complete with unified communication features, softphone, and smartphone clients. This new development tool is easy to use and configure, thereby cutting the deployment time to mere minutes. The clients are also included with the free PBX edition that is automatically assigned to the new account created with PBX Express.
  • Enhanced Cost-savings. Businesses of any size can take advantage of 3CX PBX Edition because it is free and includes 5 video conferencing participants, 8 simultaneous calls, 1 session initiation protocol (SIP), and free DNS hosting for a year.

Final Thoughts

"Cloud solutions are becoming more and more prevalent in businesses and we wanted to facilitate a way for customers and resellers to easily integrate hosted communications into their business," mentioned Elliott. "Additionally, we wanted to give resellers the tools they need to generate more sales and increase revenue." And thus, PBX Express was created. Now any organization can take advantage of PBX Express to enhance their business efficiency and increase their bottom line. This new development tool is especially useful for small businesses that may not have a dedicated PBX admin and/or hardware and resources to set up an on-premise system. Plus, PBX Express is also great for resellers that want to quickly set up customers’ PBXs in the cloud while still retaining control of the account.


About 3CX

3CX is a 100% channel company that delivers a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution that includes softphones for Mac and Windows, smartphone clients for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, and integrated WebRTC web conferencing. As a leading developer of a software-based and open standards IP PBX, 3CX innovates communications and replaces proprietary PBXs in order to reduce telco costs and boosts business mobility and productivity. 3CX maintains a global presence worldwide with offices in the U.S., Germany, U.K., Hong Kong, Russia, South Africa, and Australia. The company is trusted by over 50,000 businesses including McDonalds, Boeing, Ramada Plaza Antwerp, Hugo Boss, Harley Davidson, Wilson Sporting Goods, and Pepsi.