8x8 Launches Communications Cloud to Enhance Business Productivity and Performance

Zenica JoyMar 13, 2017

Technological advancement has paved the way for the creation of a diverse range of business tools and applications that enable employees to telecommute, increase their productivity, and deliver exceptional customer service. As more and more tech-savvy employees sought out their own productivity tools to accomplish tasks and projects seamlessly, the organization may face security threats because of shadow IT.

Shadow IT involves employees using information technology systems and software that have not been approved by an organization’s IT department. To address the prevalence of shadow IT in many organizations and to control security risks that come from employees using unmonitored apps and programs, 8x8 introduces the world's first Communications Cloud.  

Combining unified communications, contact center, real-time analytics, and team collaboration interoperability in a single, open platform,  8x8’s First Communications Cloud will enable employees, customers, and partners to improve their performance and to efficiently access valuable data to help businesses make informed and timely decisions.

Solving the Enterprise Communications Crisis with 8×8’s Open Cloud Strategy

With the rise of mobility comes the threat of shadow IT. Employees who are using unmonitored apps may inadvertently or unknowingly put valuable business data at risk.

Amy Lind, the Research Manager for International Data Corporation’s UC&C program, expressed her concern about shadow IT in business. She also had this to say about how 8×8 Communications Cloud can help address this issue through their open cloud strategy:

“In today’s business environment, more and more functional teams are making IT purchases, and employees are bringing unsanctioned tools and apps into the enterprise (i.e. shadow IT). At the same time, CIOs are struggling to unify all communications and team collaboration tools,” Lind said. “Companies are looking for simpler, more flexible, open cloud communication platforms that fuel the convergence of communications and business processes in order to more quickly access data to make informed and timely decisions. The 8×8 Communications Cloud combines unified communications (UC), team collaboration interoperability, contact center and real-time analytics to create more integrated, interoperable and seamless experiences and addresses many of the challenges businesses are facing today, ” Lind added.

As cloud becomes the convergence point for enterprise communications and collaboration, organizations need to implement a global, open cloud strategy to help deliver effective internal and external collaborative business workflows. Vik Verma, the CEO of 8x8, discussed the benefits of using their Communications Cloud solution for businesses.vikram verma of 8x8  

“The 8x8 Communications Cloud marks the beginning of a new era for our industry where all communications, team collaboration, contact center, and analytics are unified in a single, open platform that integrates across all clouds and applications used by lines of business,” said  Verma. “This convergence of two healthy and thriving markets- communications and collaboration- is going to change the way employees, customers and partners use and consume communications intelligence, making them better informed, more productive and more effective than ever before. The days of a fragmented communications landscape are numbered.”

To solve the increasing problem of data breach and other security threats as well as to unify all communications and collaboration tools to improve employee efficiency, businesses need to embrace open cloud communications.

8x8 Communications Cloud: Converging Communications and Team Collaboration Tools into a Single Cloud Platform

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and large enterprises today are faced with a growing siloed and fragmented technology landscape that impacts their ability to efficiently service a distributed, remote, and multi-generational global workforce.8x8 communications cloud image

With 8x8 Communications Cloud, enterprises can easily communicate with their employees and customers to improve business productivity and performance and connect intelligently to share valuable data with lines of business applications. This way, businesses can optimize their IT investments while helping employees become more productive and effective in their daily jobs.  

Below are the key characteristics of 8x8 Communications Cloud solution:

  • Open Cloud and Integrated Platform

8x8 cloud solutions can help eliminate information silos with its open platform that can easily integrate leading business apps and partner application programming interfaces (APIs). This way, small and mid-sized businesses can have the intelligence and insights needed in every interaction.

App integrations include:

  • Marketing and Sales: Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Oracle Sales Cloud, NetSuite, ZOHO, and Hubspot

  • Human Resources: Bullhorn, Bond, TargetRecruit, and Jobscience

  • Customer Service and Support: Freshdesk, Zendesk, and ConnectWise

New open APIs for partners and customers include:

  • Communication Microservices: APIs for instant access to chat, messaging, auto attendant, SMS, and fax.

  • Analytics and Data Extraction: APIs to understand and identify the hidden value of analytics data

  • Provisioning and Service Management: Automated provisioning or service mediation for Active Directory integration and new administration portal with revolutionary design for bulk and custom configuration

One of the most dynamic routing engine APIs that offer a scripting environment for smarter business communication is the Script8. This internal scripting tool empowers end-users through its effective data source integration, robust communication control, and intelligent routing that can help simplify, personalize, and customize communication experiences.

Script8 can be used by businesses in the following ways:

  • Sending short message service (SMS) with directions to a specific store

  • Sending students and parents a broadcast voicemail message

  • Providing emergency calling with Caller ID override

  • Transferring or routing priority calls based on sales pipeline data in Customer relationship management (CRM) system

  • Offering Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with two-factor authentication

  • Interoperable Communication Capabilities

The lack of interoperability between disparate systems and platforms in an organization can hamper communications and collaboration among business partners, employees, and customers. With 8x8  Cloud Communications, enterprises can help unify teams and enable compliant cross-team collaboration in an organization with interoperability feature.

One great example of an interoperability platform that enables collaboration and cross-team messaging in an enterprise is Sameroom by LeChat, Inc. Through Sameroom, customers have the power to enable their external partners and internal teams to collaborate across different team messaging apps, thus creating an open, more seamless communications and collaboration environment that is fully compliant with business policies.  

  • Intelligent Real-time Analytics

Utilizing real-time intelligence from all communication devices, apps, and clouds from 8x8 can enable businesses to make highly informed business decisions. With 8x8 Virtual Office Analytics and Virtual Contact Center Analytics, enterprises can harness valuable and actionable insights through historical and real-time information. Because of this, enterprises can improve their employees’ performance, identify business problems instantly, and seize new opportunities to enhance their advertising and marketing strategies.

Key Features of Virtual Office Analytics

  • Unique dashboard and reporting options

  • Real-time view of all call activities, including queue status and agent performance

  • Extension summary graphing

  • Status of all endpoint devices

Key Features of Virtual Contact Center Analytics

  • Visual and intuitive dashboards (Big Picture, Queue, Agent Comparison, and Agent Group)

  • Flexible reporting options

  • Scheduled report creation

  • Powerful filters

  • Lasso capabilities and bubble charts

  • Compare “good” and “bad” heat maps for insight into the quality of service being provided.

  • Global Availability

8x8 cloud-based communications can enable businesses to easily connect their offices, teams, and employees across the world through their Global Reach network that offers all of the local number support required by organizations such as toll-free numbers in 120 countries, local numbers in 80 countries, and local number porting in 40 countries. Through 8x8 Global Reach, remote and mobile workers can connect and communicate anywhere at any time while ensuring that every connection feels personal and local.

Secure and Easy to Use Applications

8x8  Cloud Communications can help create more rewarding connections for end-users with its intuitive platform that adapts to the needs of a business.  Quick to deploy and easy to manage, 8x8 cloud-based communications complies with the industry’s most complete set of privacy and security regulations, including:

  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

  • Privacy Shield

  • PCI-DSS v3.1

  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

  • Cyber Essentials

  • ISO 27001

  • ISO 9001

  • UK Government Authority to Operate (ATO)

For more information about 8X8, visit their official website.


About 8x8

8x8  is a leading communications technology company that delivers mobile, secure, flexible, and affordable cloud-based solutions and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services. Established in 1987, 8x8 offers cloud-based voice, call center, mobile, video, and unified communications (UC) solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and distributed enterprise customers.