8X8 Launches ContactNow to Optimize Contact Center Performance

Zenica JoyMar 30, 2017

Driven by digital transformation and social media, customer service expectations continue to increase and only the best contact centers are keeping up with the demands of today’s smart consumers. To meet this challenge and to support the needs of business managers and leaders looking to enhance their contact center performance and improve business efficiency, 8X8, a leading communications technology company, has launched its newest contact center offering: ContactNow.

Intelligent, scalable, and easy-to-use, 8X8 ContactNow enables teams to be more productive and efficient through advanced contact center capabilities. ContactNow also expands 8X8’s contact center portfolio for teams that usually interact with external and internal customers, such as marketing, human resources, sales, recruitment, and help desks.

Taking Contact Center Customer Service to the Next Level

Delivering a satisfying customer experience is the number priority for contact centers. To promote exceptional customer service, contact centers must tap into powerful communications solutions like 8X8 ContactNow to enhance customer satisfaction, increase employee productivity, and optimize business performance.Darren Hakeman, Product & Strategy SVP of 8x8

Darren Hakeman, the Senior Vice President of Product and Strategy at 8x8, has this to say about the importance of customer satisfaction in contact centers. "Customer satisfaction is core to every successful business, and this requires some form of contact center capability. The challenge, however, is that companies with informal and non-traditional contact centers have been underserved and ill-equipped to fulfill this promise."

Hakeman also shared how their newest contact center solution can help managers and agents better serve their customers. "8x8 ContactNow delivers the power of contact center solutions with the simplicity, ease of use and affordability that modern teams expect. ContactNow is designed for teams with growing needs to better serve both internal and external customers, helping them improve the overall customer experience while also enhancing productivity."

Creating High-Performing Contact Centers with 8x8 ContactNow

Today, contact centers are becoming the ultimate customer service hubs for most organizations, providing communication service and support across multiple channels such as the web, phone, email, mobile, and live chats. In order to stay relevant in the customer service industry, contact centers must adapt to the evolving communication landscape and provide a convenient, satisfying, and consistent customer experience at all times. With 8X8’s ContactNow solution, organizations can get a contact center up and running without the hassle.8x8 Contact Center Portfolio

Nancy Jamison, the Principal Analyst in Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan, shared her thoughts on ContactNow. "8x8 ContactNow is a rich and easy to use solution for teams where such functionality was not previously cost effective. In fact, the disruptive pay-as-you-go cost model should be ‘prove-as-you-go' as it proves its value before the customer gets to the next tier."

Alfredo J. Rayos, the Operations Administrator at Solve-It Companies, LLC, has this to say about this new contact center solution. "8x8 ContactNow is easy to set up and powerfully transforms the way we handle both inbound and outbound customer interactions. Calls are now intelligently routed to the correct teams with rich reporting and analytics, which allows employees to deliver a higher level of service and increase orders."

8x8 ContactNow delivers a flexible pay-as-you-go model and monthly recurring plans. Because this contact center solution is easily scalable and customizable, companies can scale up or down by adding agents in an instant and expand their company based on customer demand.

Key Capabilities of 8X8 ContactNow

  • Offers a no-compromises inbound calling solution for smaller contact centers.
  • Supports predictive outbound dialing, which enhances productivity by replacing manual dialing.
  • Enhances call monitoring and recording to improve an agent's performance while increasing employee productivity.
  • Enables robust run-time reporting to boost agent performance and gain critical employee and business insights.
  • Offers iPad monitoring app that helps managers access real-time information on the go.
  • Provides quick and powerful customer engagement tools that dynamically route customer calls with a seamless "drag & drop" visual interactive voice response (IVR) tool.
  • Features a web-based user interface with instant configuration and easy administration capabilities.
  • Brings powerful outbound campaign management that enhances call completion Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

8x8 enables small and medium businesses and large enterprises to employ a complete range of contact center capabilities. These include quality management, analytics, workforce management, and outbound dialing integrated with advanced unified communications and collaboration services to enhance agent productivity while improving the overall customer experience.

8x8 ContactNow will be available starting April 2017 and sold in three editions with pay-as-you-go and monthly recurring pricing plans. The price for the Standard pay-as-you-go edition starts at no cost with 4₵ per minute. The Pro and Ultimate editions have a monthly recurring per agent charge of $50 and $75 and include 2,000 to 5,000 bundled minutes respectively per agent each month. Plus, the additional time cost is as low as 2₵ per minute.

For further information about 8x8 Communications Cloud and the benefits of using 8x8 ContactNow, visit their company’s website.

About 8x8

8x8 Inc. (NASDAQ:EGHT) is the world’s first communication cloud, combining contact center, unified communications, team collaboration interoperability, and real-time analytics into a single, open platform. As a leading communications technology company, 8x8 provides flexible, affordable, and secure Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony services and cloud-based solutions. The 8x8 suite of omni-channel cloud contact center solutions, including 8x8 Virtual Contact Center and 8x8 ContactNow, can give organizations the flexibility and scalability features needed to better serve customers in a more efficient way.