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Zenica JoyApr 08, 2017

The contact center is the front-line for an organization’s most valuable asset – the customer experience. Not only does a contact center helps organizations build stronger business-customer relationships, but it is also important for achieving business efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction and sales overall. Because contact centers offer big benefits to growing businesses, a company's first response is to resort to using a complex and expensive contact center solution that includes hardware and software that are difficult to deploy, require specialized skills to configure, and come with inflexible licensing. But siding with a virtual contact center can help reduce these frustrations.

With the introduction of Amazon Connect, organizations can easily install, set up, and configure a virtual contact center within minutes. Developed by Amazon Web Services, Inc., the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platforms, Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact center solution that delivers better customer service at a lower price point.

Creating a Simple, Scalable, and Reliable Contact Center in the Cloud

Amazon Connect makes it easy for organizations to set up a cloud-based contact center. Developed based on the same contact center technology that is used by Amazon customer service agents the world over, Amazon Connect provides reliable customer service and engagement at any size, with the option to easily scale as needed. With Amazon Connect, organizations can create their own contact center in the cloud and instantly get their agents on board using a modern web-based interface.Amazon Web Services Logo

Tom Weiland, the Vice President of Worldwide Customer Service at Amazon, shared how they came up with the idea of developing Amazon Connect. “Ten years ago, we made the decision to build our own customer contact center technology from scratch because legacy solutions did not provide the scale, cost structure, and features we needed to deliver excellent customer service for our customers around the world. This choice has been a differentiator for us, as it is used today by our agents around the world in the millions of interactions they have with our customers. We’re excited to offer this technology to customers as an AWS service – with all of the simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud.”

As a self-service, cloud-based contact center solution, Amazon Connect delivers a plethora of features that enable businesses to design contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics in a seamless and efficient manner.

The Vice President of Customer Success at Bandwidth, Ryan Henley, had this to say about Amazon Connect:

“Amazon Connect helps us streamline operations and drive workforce efficiency to the next level. Our agents are now able to work remotely with ease using the desktop telephony features Amazon Connect provides, and our call center leaders are able to quickly and easily review calls with reps, providing a fast feedback loop for continuous performance improvement.”

Enhancing Contact Center Performance with Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services, Inc. aims to deliver an exceptional level of customer service for contact centers. In order to do this, the organization has developed a cloud-based contact center service that helps businesses boost their efficiency and enhance customer engagement while reducing cost. This is what the company strives to deliver with Amazon Connect.

Below are the key features and benefits of using Amazon Connect:Amazon Connect

  • Open, Cloud-powered Platform - Amazon Connect is an open platform that is easy to integrate with other systems, including customer relationship management (CRM) systems, workforce management (WFM), helpdesk, analytics, and a variety of AWS tools. Users can employ Amazon Connect for data visualization and analytics via Amazon QuickSight, record calls and reports in Amazon S3, store user identities and permissions with AWS Directory Service, stream contact center metric with Amazon Kinesis, and more.
  • Easy to Use and Manage - Instead of requiring help from specialized consultants and IT teams, Amazon Connect is easy enough to be configured and managed directly by end users. Amazon Connect’s self-service graphical interface makes it easy for non-technical users to manage agents, create contact flows, and track performance metrics without any specialized skills required. Plus, the drag and drop Contact Flow Editor (CFE) allows users to develop contact flows that define efficient customer interactions without any coding required.
  • Scalable - Because there is no infrastructure to manage or deploy, users can easily scale their Amazon Connect contact center up or down depending on the business cycle (e.g. seasonal spikes, short-term promotions, or new product launches). “Amazon Connect easily integrates with our existing systems, and the usage-based pricing accommodates our need for seasonal scalability without financial impact," said Natalie Fung, the CEO at AnswerConnect. "These factors made our decision to move to Amazon Connect an easy one. It was the best choice for both us and our customers.” 
  • Flexible - The Contact Flow Editor (CFE) that powers Amazon Connect includes control flow, blocks for interaction, branching, integration, and more. The contact flows include a mixture of pre-recorded audio prompts, Lex-powered interaction, generated audio, and call transfers, and are designed to adapt to the caller experience. For example, an airline could create an Amazon Connect contact flow that recognizes a caller's phone number, search their travel schedule in the database, and provide options such as “cancel” or ”rebook” if the caller missed a flight.
  • Economical - Amazon Connect‘s pay-as-you-go feature helps businesses reduce operating costs. Because there are no long-term commitments or up-front payments with Amazon Connect, customers pay by the minute for usage and the pricing is not based on capacity, agent seats, or maintenance. Also, Amazon Connect includes a softphone that delivers high-quality audio, allowing agents to communicate without using a public switched telephone service (PSTN).

For more information about Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services’ comprehensive mobile solutions and cloud-based products, visit their website.

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