AudioCodes Launches Cost-efficient Voice Network Modernization Solution for Large Enterprises

Zenica JoyMar 24, 2017

The key to a successful business lies in how an organization keeps abreast of current developments and innovative communications tools that improve operational efficiency and enable communication cost-savings. AudioCodes, a leading provider of voice networking solutions, recently launched a comprehensive solution specifically designed to deliver cost-effective voice network modernization for large enterprises. 

Created using AudioCodes’ broad portfolio of enterprise voice network infrastructure solution, Universal Communications Architecture (UCA) guarantees that high voice quality is efficiently managed and maintained while lessening operational and capital expenses.

Delivering Secure, Cost-effective Solution to Modernize Voice Networks

Voice networks can be interrupted due to various threats such as fraud, service abuse, threatening calls, eavesdropping, and theft of long-distance service, all of which can disrupt business communications and therefore cause frustration. Additionally, using heterogeneous voice communications systems may also present some challenges to enterprises with multiple offices by making the system difficult to maintain and/or manage.AudioCodes UCA Solution for Large Enterprises

To address these issues, businesses need to employ a future-proof voice network solution that enables consolidation of communication silos into a universal network without replacing their existing infrastructure. One way is by using AudioCodes’ Universal Communications Architecture (UCA) solution.

Suitable for any voice infrastructure, regardless of whether it's cloud-based (public or private cloud and also software as a service) and on-premises, UCA enables large and globally distributed enterprises to consolidate their communications infrastructures and connect to SIP Trunk services to boost business workflow.  

Empowering Large Enterprises with AudioCodes' UCA Solution

As a trusted provider of voice networking solutions across the world, AudioCodes enables enterprises and service providers to successfully transition to all-IP voice networks. Yehuda Herscovici, the VP of Product at AudioCodes, shared how their UCA solution helps enterprises modernize their voice networks while keeping communications costs minimal:

“Today’s trend towards All-IP networks and the need to keep communications costs under control represent serious challenges for administrators of large enterprise voice networks.”

“Our Universal Communications Architecture is a comprehensive voice modernization solution that does not require a forklift replacement of existing systems but still provides a future-proof infrastructure that is easy to manage, maintains corporate security and promises to deliver capital and operational cost savings. The solution has been selected and deployed by large enterprises within tens of thousands of employees in USA, Europe, and Asia,” he added.

Highlights of AudioCodes’ UCA Solution

UCA’s VoIPerfect voice technology ensures that high voice quality is maintained over managed or unmanaged links while reducing costly wide area network (WAN) bandwidth consumption. Aside from this, UCA solution also aids businesses in the following ways: AudioCodes' UCA Features

  • Helps large enterprises revolutionize their voice networks in an easy and cost-effective manner for private cloud, on-premises, or public cloud deployments.
  • Unifies communications silos into a universal network by using centralized global end-to-end routing, policy management, and session border controllers.
  • Enables enterprises to concentrate all off-net traffic via regional or local SIP trunk and directs internal voice traffic over their corporate wide area network.
  • Provides centralized network management and monitoring to ensure that daily operations are efficient with fast identification, analysis, and resolution of communications issues.
  • Protects businesses from attacks, fraud, and eavesdropping while enabling regulatory compliance at local and global levels.
  • Supports all leading virtualization environments and can be deployed as a fully virtualized solution.


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About AudioCodes

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