AVST Helps Businesses Future-Proof Their UC Investments

Zenica JoyMar 08, 2017

Unified Communications (UC) solutions continue to have a profound impact on business productivity and business communications as a whole by providing organizations with a seamless way to adapt to new opportunities and powerful tools to work across multiple channels. More and more enterprises are leveraging the use of UC solutions, and it makes good business sense to future-proof these UC investments.

To help enterprise owners and IT leaders develop and future-proof their UC investments, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) has teamed up with UC expert Phil Edholm for a free online webinar, “Disruption and Disruptors: Future-Proof Your UC Strategy.”

Why Future-Proof UC Investments

With the emergence of new vendors, the advent of cloud technologies, and the growing number of consolidations and acquisitions, UC applications are being implemented in various areas throughout the workspace as businesses expand their workforce.Phil Edholm, UC specialist

“The UC marketplace is entering a time of significant transformation, with major vendor restructurings and acquisitions, emerging new vendors and communications now being embedded in a range of adjacent applications and business processes,” said Edholm. “Planning your strategies to navigate through the challenges while continuing to improve enterprise productivity is critical. This webinar will focus on how you can begin to invest for success in this rapidly evolving environment.”

Through the free online webinar, Phil Edholm and AVST President & CEO Hardy Myers aim to help small and mid-sized businesses improve and develop their UC strategies. “It’s important for companies to keep up-to-date on current trends and their options for deploying new, advanced UC solutions that meet the evolving requirements of their workforce and customers,” said Myers.

Tapping UC to Strengthen Enterprise Communications

A unified communications (UC) solution has the power to integrate different and disparate forms of communication tools to improve worker productivity and to streamline business process, resulting in increased profitability and enhanced customer service for companies.

By converging voice, email, video, chat, and documents into a single platform, a unified communications system removes barriers between all communications methods, thus empowering the workforce. Because of this, mobile employees are becoming more accessible than ever before to their clients, management, and co-workers.

The rise of mobile apps has changed the way companies do their business. By integrating powerful mobile apps for business, companies can create one seamless experience across all methods of communication, thereby enhancing collaboration, improving employee mobility, and optimizing customer engagement.

Beyond the productivity benefits, UC applications such as softphones can also yield direct cost-savings. By installing softphone programs on mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, employees no longer depend on cellular lines and public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines to make and receive calls, share files, and deliver messages.  

These are the reasons why small and mid-sized enterprises need to leverage the use of new, advanced UC solutions.

Harnessing the Power of AVST’s Unified Communications Solutions

Many organizations across the world rely on AVST’s UC solutions to align their business with key trends and to meet their “mission-critical” communication requirements.

AVST’s UC solutions are designed specifically to support an enterprise’s migration to the cloud. These products can be deployed in various configurations including premise-based, private cloud, and hybrid.

With the world-class interoperability of AVST’s UC solutions, they can help deliver the best-of-breed next generation UC capabilities to small and medium-sized business (SMBs), large enterprises, and public organizations around the world. Through AVST’s powerful UC solutions, organizations can unlock the full potential of their communications channels to empower their workforce, streamline information delivery, and deliver exceptional service.

AVST’s interoperability, flexibility, and open standards-based approach to Unified Communications (UC) are appealing factors for enterprises that have the following:

  • A heterogeneous Private Branch Exchange (PBX) infrastructure.    
  • Unified Messaging (UM) message retention issues such as compliance, capacity,  and confidentiality.
  • Evolutionary IP telephony strategy like transitioning from time-division multiplexing (TDM) to Internet Protocol (IP) over time.
  • Resiliency requirements and private cloud centralization.
  • Mission-critical voicemail and call processing requirements that include workforce retraining concerns.
  • Multiple, disparate, or evolving email clients and systems,  including cloud and/or premise.
  • Workforce requirements for speech-based and device-independent mobile UC solutions.
  • Requirements for business process improvement through enhanced communications.

In fact, one of the most interoperable private cloud UC platforms available on the market is AVST’s CX-E.

Developed to support enterprises looking to deploy UC as part of their IT infrastructure – telephony, email and/or corporate databases, CX-E allows organizations to make the most of their existing and future UC solutions.

By using AVST’s CX-E UC platform, small and medium-sized businesses in addition to large organizations can take advantage of voice and business process applications such as unified messaging, speech recognition, personal assistant, automated attendant, call processing, and more.

AVST’s robust UC solutions are distributed and supported across the world by a vast network of resellers and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. To learn more about AVST, their partners, products, and services, please visit their company’s website.


About Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST)

Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a leading independent developer of software-based UC solutions for businesses of all sizes. AVST’s UC solutions can help improve business productivity through an unparalleled level of scalability, interoperability, feature depth, and resiliency. Their cutting-edge UC applications include unified messaging, infrastructure-agnostic mobile clients, speech-enabled personal assistant, voicemail, fax, call processing, notification, and other business process integration capabilities. Headquartered in Orange County, California, AVST has facilities in various areas of the US (Washington, Seattle, and Victoria B.C.), Canada, and the United Kingdom.