BroadSoft Boosts Enterprise Mobility with AI and Apple CallKit Support for UC-One

Zenica JoyMar 20, 2017

The future of any startup, business, or enterprise depends on their ability to move beyond their desks and desktop computers and go mobile. Today, more and more organizations are increasingly reliant on mobile devices for daily business operations, putting mobility as one of their must-have factors when choosing a communications provider. With workers turning to their mobile devices to make calls, share files, and manage tasks, embracing mobile devices allows businesses to enhance their workforce productivity and operational efficiency.

In this article, readers can gain some insight on the importance of a good mobile solution, and then learn how Broadsoft, one of the leading technology innovators of unified communications and collaboration solutions, empowers business users through their bMobile advanced mobility solution.

Empowering Business Users to Go Mobile

The rise of mobile technology continues to transform the way businesses operate and how coworkers collaborate. As the world continues its gradual shift from desktop computers to mobile devices, using smartphones and tablets has become a necessity to help businesses gain a competitive advantage and improve their performance in the following ways:

  • Build business awareness. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops allow companies to build brand awareness, foster stronger customer relationship, and increase their bottom line. One direct example of this is through the use of instant messaging or short message service (SMS). With a single text message, businesses can increase their exposure and reach thousands of mobile users in an instant.
  • Boost team collaboration. Mobile capabilities such as cloud storage and mobile-enabled instant messaging allow product developers, salespeople, and managers stay on the same page by keeping them connected at all times. This way, they can easily collaborate and discuss important issues even if they are working remotely.
  • Improves employee productivity. By using smartphones and tablets, employees can take advantage of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution which allows employees to use devices that they are familiar and comfortable with, thus enhancing productivity and reducing the learning curve often associated with new technology. Also, using cloud technology helps workers access data easily and manage tasks and schedules efficiently while on the go.
  • Keeps businesses connected. Mobile apps have an undeniable advantage in an environment where businesses are required to react quickly to meet the growing demands of customers. Mobile-enabled services can improve how businesses handle their communications and manage every facet of their operations in a seamless way. With mobile integrations, businesses can easily connect their employees, customers, and partners anywhere at any time.

BroadSoft UC-One: Delivering Advanced Mobile Communications and Collaboration Solutions for Businesses

Going mobile enables businesses to become increasingly more flexible. To ensure that today’s modern workforce consistently enjoys seamless mobile communications and collaboration solutions, BroadSoft, a global communication and service provider, has added Artificial intelligence and Apple CallKit support for Business UC-One, also referenced as bMobile capabilities.BroadSoft UC-One Unified Communication and Collaboration Solution

As one of BroadSoft’s flagship applications, UC-One delivers integrated business phone services, presence, messaging, audio and video conferencing, file sharing,  screen sharing, virtual meeting rooms, and more. UC-One also enables businesses to move freely between desk phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, thus providing workers with easy access to a corporate directory anywhere and from any device.

Scott Hoffpauir, the Chief Technology Officer at BroadSoft, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Apple CallKit support with UC-One.

“BroadSoft remains focused on designing features and applications that make it easier for workers to be productive while mobile,” said Hoffpauir. “With our bMobile capabilities, BroadSoft delivers a superior and more native mobile user experience with embedded multi-device, multi-identity advanced business calling features and capabilities,” he added.

The Keys to Enhancing Enterprise Mobility

A recent survey conducted by Broadsoft revealed that 89% of respondents believed that native mobile integration is a key requirement for mobile solutions.BroadSoft bMobile Capabilities

Indeed, mobile integration can help streamline a multitude of business operations. It also enables organizations to connect their applications, data, and devices on-premises or in the cloud. By integrating Artificial intelligence and Apple CallKit with BroadSoft UC-One mobile apps, mobile operators can unlock new revenue opportunities and business users can have superior mobile experience over any device, network, or location.

Plus, the enhanced capabilities of bMobile also enable organizations to reorient their business around mobility while helping mobile operators and service providers maximize long-term evolution (LTE) investments and uncover new revenue opportunities.  

For more information about Broadsoft’s suite of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, visit their company website.

About BroadSoft

BroadSoft is a leading technology innovator and market leader in cloud PBX, unified communications, team collaboration, and contact center solutions. Established in 1998, the company is committed to redefining the future of work by bringing best-in-class collaboration and productivity tools to small and mid-sized businesses and large companies. Broadsoft’s complete and mobile-integrated unified communications suite for businesses enable individuals and teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively to make work - easy and simple.