Broadview Delivers Unmatched Security for Businesses with OfficeSuite UC

Zenica JoyMar 16, 2017

Information is a fundamental resource for businesses and is something that needs easy accessibility but also the utmost security. Ensuring availability, integrity, and confidentiality is critical for the continued growth and success of an organization, especially one with multiple employees in various locations. When it comes to the safety and well-being of a business' communication system, it’s important for a company to take the necessary measures to secure valuable customer data and other important business resources at all costs. And this can be addressed through the use of a reliable Unified Communications (UC) solution.

Making Businesses More Flexible Without Compromising Security with Broadview's OfficeSuite UC

In today’s digitally connected world, anyone with access to valuable company information can be a target for cyber criminals. To guard against malicious attacks and security breaches that can risk business operations, reduce cash flow, or cause damage to a company’s reputation, businesses need to strengthen their communications channels. Through a cutting-edge cloud-based unified communications solution like Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite UC, businesses can safeguard their mission-critical communications while keeping their employees connected.

With OfficeSuite UC, all incoming and outgoing calls are encrypted using Broadview's secure network, keeping valuable calls and data protected. Voicemail recordings and messages are also encrypted when stored on the servers. Plus, the system administrator has the power to control access or permissions when forwarding voicemail, which helps to further safeguard private information.Broadview's OfficeSuite UC Infographic

Broadview also delivers a secure cloud environment where customer data can be stored and protected from potential security threats through a proprietary protocol called SilNet. Developed by Broadview to help secure communications, SilNet for OfficeSuite allows for a true, 100 percent cloud-based service. This technology also drives functionality to telephone endpoints at the customer premises. Encapsulated with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), SilNet provides error checking between the OfficeSuite server and endpoints. It is just one more way that Broadview goes about protecting and safeguarding the information of its users.

How Can Businesses Benefit from Using OfficeSuite UC

OfficeSuite UC empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in addition to large companies by enhancing security, mobilizing the workforce, and giving employers the ability to scale on demand by using a wide range of productivity-enhancing features included in the system.

Through Broadview’s MyOfficeSuite, businesses can control everything from the web, including cloud services, settings management, employee permissions, and storage. With just one click, businesses can do the following:

  • Access, manage and make real-time changes to the system from anywhere
  • Drag and drop widgets to customize each individual dashboard
  • Create profiles to add employees with the same permissions
  • Enable employees to self-manage personal preferences
  • Automate customer service functions
  • Allows authorized personnel to customer company-wide permissions
  • View new email notifications and listen to, download, or email voicemail messages
  • Re-route calls to a specific person during after-hours, holidays, or when the office closes unexpectedly
  • Record and use text-to-speech to create or update auto attendant greetings or announcements
  • Chat live, take calls, send faxes, or initiate an audio, HD video, or web conference
  • Track expenses, print invoices, pay bills and retrieve payment historyBroadview's MyOfficeSuite Infographic

Additionally, OfficeSuite UC further enhances security by using a private MPLS network connection instead of the Internet to transport voice calls and data. This system helps safeguard mission-critical communications in the following ways:

  • Encrypting all calls, messages, and meetings that use the Internet.
  • Storing valuable customer data and other business information resources exclusively in the cloud.
  • Ensuring that a company’s database is stored on a secure server and protected by access control lists, authentication and authorization, and industry-standard firewalls.

Another Reason to Use Broadview’s OfficeSuite UC

Broadview Networks, a global leader in cloud-based UC and information technology (IT) services, announced that the company is verified compliant with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16. After undergoing an independent third-party audit by Marcum LLP to assess the security of the company’s network, related policies, and procedures, Broadview has announced that it has been verified to be compliant with the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16.

Ken Shulman, the Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer at Broadview, expressed his excitement about their latest achievement.

“Security is one of our top priorities. Many of our customers, especially those in industries with regulatory oversight, such as healthcare and financial services, require providers to be SSAE 16 compliant. This audit helps to ensure our customers that their data will be handled with care,” Shulman said.

Broadview has also completed Service Organization Control (SOC 2 and SOC 3) audits, which determine and measure critical controls essential for data center and IT service providers. These audits recognized Broadview’s flagship product, OfficeSuite UC, as a reliable cloud communications solution that maintains effective controls over the security of business' information.

To learn more about Broadview’s products and services, visit their company website.


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