Broadview Simplifies Order Process with Quote to Contract Tool for Agents

Zenica JoyMay 03, 2017

The speed and efficiency of the quoting process can significantly affect business sales and performance. Also known as the Quote to Order (Q2O) process, this is the point at which a client or business decides to do business with you and is essentially the revenue generator. To shorten the sales cycle, reduce risks, and improve customer satisfaction, a majority of enterprises need to enhance their ordering process by utilizing a reliable quote to contract solution.

A market leader in cloud-based unified communications (UC) and information technology services, Broadview Networks aims to help boost business productivity, improve customer service, and increase revenue streams with their latest addition to its online portal, MyOfficeSuite Agent. The new Quote to Contract feature included in the MyOfficeSuite enables agents to easily create quotes and turn them into executable contracts within minutes by simply using the online portal.

Streamlining Order Processing for Better Customer Service

To improve customer service and drive business sales, companies are looking for a contract creation and approvals solution that can help streamline the ordering process. In a face-to-face or virtual meeting with a customer, Broadview’s Quote to Contract solution allows agents to eliminate delays usually associated with switching platforms, such as waiting for paperwork and dialogue with product managers. Through this, businesses can streamline their order processing method to better serve customers and to drive business growth.

“Quote to Contract is another in a long line of enhancements to MyOfficeSuite Agent that allows partners to deploy customer’s UC services faster and easier, and earn more compensation,” said Donna Wenk, the Senior Vice President of Channel Sales at Broadview Networks.donna wenk svp of channel sales at broadview

By using MyOfficeSuite’s Quote to Contract feature, agents can even preconfigure the entire system, including creating extensions and auto attendants and adding phone numbers, before installation. The streamlined process allows agents to be more responsive to customers transitioning to the cloud without interrupting their critical communications. End-user customers can instantly begin to use the system once it has been activated.

“We are aligned with our partners and listen to their needs, providing them with unique tools and support through the entire sales process so that our partners can create long-lasting, happy customer relationships by enhancing the level of service they provide,” added Wenk.

When integrated with the Order Wizard, a complete unified communication (UC) suite that includes business phone system, chat, audio, video, and web conferencing, and more, this UC solution can be ordered, configured, and installed within a day.

Accelerating UC Adoption with Broadview MyOfficeSuite Agent

Broadview continues to evolve and grow its support for partners using a variety of cloud-based communications solutions. With its latest enhancement to its MyOfficeSuite Portal, the Quote to Contract, Broadview helps agents enhance the customer experience.

Created specifically for Broadview’s partners, MyOfficeSuite Agent online dashboard centralizes all customer accounts into a single, user-friendly site. The online portal helps simplify how agents manage all customers’ accounts and provide them with relevant information that they can use to deliver personalized customer service and support. Plus, agents can easily review renewal and billing information and administrate and manage all OfficeSuite UC customers in real time.customer using broadview's myofficesuite

Since its launch, MyOfficeSuite Agent has been providing agents easy access to certifications, products, training, and built-in tools from Broadview. Below are the key capabilities and benefits of MyOfficeSuite Agent:

  • Saves time by helping businesses manage their entire customer portfolio using one set of login credentials.
  • Offers insights on customers’ satisfaction ratings, revenue, and renewal dates.
  • Provides notifications and updates in real-time to help businesses manage their customer relationships.
  • Instantly creates and presents quotes to help businesses close deals faster.
  • Keeps end-user customers up to date on technology solutions and OfficeSuite enhancements.
  • Enables businesses to quickly and easily manage, build, install, and activate a robust system for customers with just a few simple clicks.
  • Checks the status of a customer’s order in real-time.
  • Offers one-click access to online product information and training.

To learn more about Broadview Networks’ OfficeSuite UC platform and the company’s complete suite of communication solutions, visit the company’s products page.  


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