Dialpad Integrates Alexa to Enable Instant, Touch-free Access to Enterprise Communications

Zenica JoyMay 11, 2017

Enterprise mobility helps break the barriers often created by time and location, enabling businesses and their workers to easily access valuable data and seamlessly communicate in real-time without geographical boundaries. Driven by technological innovations like web-based applications, mobile devices, and cloud communication, enterprises that choose a mobility solution can gain the freedom to work, collaborate, and perform tasks remotely and more fluidly by using the devices that suit them best.dialpat integrates alexa to deliver instant, touch-free mobility

Leading the way for improved mobility in the workplace is Dialpad, a San Francisco-based cloud communications provider. As a trusted provider of Voice over Internet Protocol and cloud-based video, messaging, and collaboration solutions, Dialpad strives to be at the forefront of innovation for business communications. And through the company’s recent integration with Alexa, Dialpad aims to “make it easier for mobile workers to get more work done faster” by extending mobility not only in the office, but also in the home.

Enhancing Enterprise Mobility with Dialpad + Alexa

Dialpad’s integration with Alexa, an intelligent personal assistant developed by Amazon Lab126 (a research and development and computer hardware company owned by Amazon.com), offers complete mobility for remote and globally distributed workers. As the first communication platform to integrate with Alexa, Dialpad provides instant, touch-free access to their business communications capabilities by leveraging Alexa’s voice assistant.

Brian Peterson, the Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at Dialpad, shared how their company’s integration with Alexa can help businesses enhance their mobility.

“Our integration with Alexa extends touch-free mobility anywhere inside a home or office where Alexa can hear you –  without ever needing to access the physical device,” said Peterson. “This is a major leap forward in how the cloud provides complete mobility for remote and mobile workers.”

Through Dialpad’s integration with Alexa, users do not need to pick up their tablets and smartphones or open their desktop computers or laptops in order to place, transfer, or record calls, add contacts, check voicemails and text messages, and more. With the use of voice commands, users can enable the Alexa virtual assistant to keep track of all communications and streamline their activities.

Bringing Business Communication into the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to impact how people communicate and live as well as how business work, and is a new avenue for communications providers to access. The IoT refers to the network of devices or everyday objects (such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets) and every day appliances (such as washing machines, lamps, and refrigerators) that can carry out automated tasks with the help of an internet connection. 

Integrating cloud-based service from Dialpad with Alexa’s voice assistant brings business communications into the internet of everything, utilizing the power of the cloud to deliver complete mobility. With the addition of voice control over Dialpad through Alexa, everyone can have a personal assistant that immediately responds to requests such as  “check my voicemail,” or  “call John using Dialpad,” or even “record this call.”vincent paquet vp of product for dialpad

Vincent Paquet, the Vice President of Product for Dialpad, said that integrating with Alexa helps their company deliver true mobility to end-users customers. “This is true mobility in the sense that up until now, you could take your calls from any of your existing devices, but you were still required to actually have physical access,” said Paquet. “Whether it’s a computer, a smartphone, a desk phone or a tablet, with Alexa we extend mobility to the last frontier so you can now make calls using Dialpad from anywhere without having to touch any of your devices.”

Indeed, through Dialpad’s integration with Alexa, users no longer have to touch their smartphones, laptops, or tablets to call colleagues, add contacts, check voicemail, or record calls because Alexa has the ability to complete most communication requests in an instant. As voice assistants extend beyond the offices and homes to cars and even wearables, seamless access to communication is possible anywhere and/or whatever users do.

Dialpad capabilities and features that are available for users through Alexa voice commands include:

  • Place a call to a contact

  • Add a contact to an on-going call

  • Transfer the current call to another person

  • Put a call on hold

  • Listen and check Dialpad system reports, such as “total call volume for the current week”


  • Record a call

  • Check Dialpad text messages and voicemails

  • Enable and disable Do Not Disturb

  • Transfer a call from one device to another. For example, from a mobile phone to Alexa or Alexa to a mobile phone



In addition to the integration with Amazon Alexa (which will be offered to a select group of Dialpad users starting on May 15, 2017), the company also announced their plan to integrate with other voice assistants in the near future. These integrations will help ensure an exceptional user experience regardless of the communications platform or virtual assistant end-user customers are using.

For more information about Dialpad’s innovative cloud-based communications solutions, please visit their company’s website.

About Dialpad

Formerly known as Switch Communications, Inc., Dialpad delivers secure and cutting-edge cloud-based video, voice, messaging, and conferencing applications for the modern enterprises. Trusted by more than 35,000 companies, Dialpad brings simplicity to enterprise communications with next-generation business phone services and solutions.