DMSL Delivers Hosted VoIP Solution to Power UK Businesses

Zenica JoyApr 20, 2017

Cloud-based services and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions empower organizations to be more confident in exploring and implementing new communication tools that can help to enhance business efficiency across all departments. Whether it’s for data storage, real-time analytics, or file sharing, using VoIP and other cloud-based services can help businesses seamlessly manage operational workflows, secure crucial information, boost employee productivity, and drive sales. Plus, choosing a hosted VoIP solution also enhances employee engagement and team collaboration by allowing dispersed workers to connect virtually and easily share information in real-time. All these capabilities from using cloud-based services help to enhance product development and customer service while reducing costs and time-to-market.

With the growth of cloud-based solutions and VoIP services showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, today’s hybrid organizations need to completely move away from using the outdated public switched telephone network (PSTN) systems and go digital with help from a reliable cloud and VoIP service provider.  As one of the leading providers of broadband, mobile, and cloud services, DMSL helps business customers fully embrace the cloud and take advantage of unified communications and collaboration tools through their hosted VoIP service.

Enhance Business Communication with a DMSL Hosted VoIP Solution

DMSL's hosted voice service fits the requirements of every kind of business, from small home-based businesses and midsized enterprises to large corporations. "Whether you work on your own, have only a handful of staff or run a substantial business with scores or even hundreds of users, VoIP will provide you with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution that will make your business more efficient, responsive and dynamic," shared  John Carter, Managing Director at DMSL. This hosted voice service delivered by established and trusted VoIP providers includes all the productivity-boosting features an organization needs to enhance their communication and seamlessly manage their business operations.dmsl provider of voip and cloud services

The company’s hosted VoIP services offers a wide array of functions – everything from call-forwarding to recording and full management reporting. Their solutions let users easily set up localized numbers and re-route calls to a central point and redirect calls to home numbers or mobiles, in addition to a number of other call management tasks and options.

Below are the key benefits and capabilities of DMSL’s hosted voice solution:

  • Cost-savings.  Hosted voice can easily scale the number of VoIP users up or down – and at very low cost. This cloud-based communication solution also cuts operational expenses because it enables employees to work remotely (at home, on the go, or from another office location). Also, hosted VoIP allows businesses to pay a low monthly cost per-seat and benefit from very low call charges. Calls to the BT National and International network are offered at a lower cost, with free calls to other VoIP users.
  • Easy to use and manage - VoIP services from DMSL are “plug and go” with pre-configured phones shipped as standard. If a business relocates, they can simply take their phone system with them. There is no need to set up a system; all they will need is a broadband connection. And example of this is when a business needs to set up a temporary site – for a construction project or to perform an audit. The staff can simply take their numbers with them and still have access to all the same productivity and mobility features.
  • Offers business flexibility. Individuals and enterprises can be much more flexible with hosted voice, so it gives businesses a real competitive advantage. The flexible nature of hosted voice solution is ideal for enterprises with seasonal fluctuations in staffing, or businesses bringing in teams of contractors on a temporary basis from time to time. Also, it allows staff and teams to be accessible on their usual number, regardless of their location.
  • Highly scalable. "Hosted voice can scale very easily and quickly, so it can grow with the business and it’s ideal for firms that need to bring in teams of contractors on a temporary basis from time to time," noted Carter. "They can flex the number of VoIP users up or down very quickly – and at very low cost." This communication solution can also be used across multiple sites with inter-office extension number dialing as standard. Companies can also have one centralized number or several local inbound numbers, as appropriate, with calls routed to specific locations. This way, a small business or a contractor that operates in several towns across a region can have local numbers in different towns that all route back to the same office. Similarly, a much larger business could have local numbers all over the UK and manage all calls from a single location or call center.
  • Improves workforce mobility. A hosted voice solution helps enhance workers mobility because users can send and receive calls and even collaborate with co-workers from anywhere there is a reliable Internet connection. Calls can also be redirected to mobiles devices using enterprise-grade features such as call forwarding and auto-attendant, allowing employees to take calls from anywhere, at any time. This ensures that workers will never miss a call since messages are automatically forwarded to a pre-configured alternative device if the destination is unreachable.

Making Hosted VoIP Solutions Available to UK Businesses

A hosted voice solution is ideal for any size organization because it gives business leaders, IT teams, and remote workers a competitive advantage. Whether it’s a start-up or a large enterprise with hundreds of customers, hosted VoIP provides organizations with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution that will make businesses more efficient, responsive, and dynamic.voice over internet protocol phone

DMSL also has reliable reseller partners to help businesses compare their VoIP options as they shop and compare for providers. "Different hosted voice services are suited to different scenarios and it’s important to explore the options," said Carter. Through DMSL's trusted reseller partners located across the UK, businesses from small home-based companies to SMBs with a handful of staff and even larger organizations with many locations and hundreds of personnel can find the right option. To learn more about the company’s comprehensive enterprise communication solutions, visit DMSL’s service page.

Hosted VoIP: Is It Right for My Business?

With all of this in mind, the final question is this: is my business ready for hosted VoIP? Carter shared five important questions that businesses should ask themselves if they are thinking about making the transition to a VoIP solution:

  1. Do you have the right kind of broadband connection?
  2. Do you have the internal network and infrastructure?
  3. What sort of call plan will you need?
  4. What features will you need?
  5. What will your needs be in the future?

But the fact of the matter is, regardless of your company's size or industry, there is always a use case for a hosted VoIP solution. "Hosted voice services are quick, easy and inexpensive to set up," said Carter. "They can be extended quickly and easily and at little additional cost. Best of all, you pay a low per-seat cost, and also benefit from very low call charges." Most VoIP providers offer either unlimited local and long distance calling for a flat monthly rate or offer a metered/pay-as-you-go plan so that you only pay for what you use. Plus, international calling rates are more affordable than calling with a traditional phone system.

Other major advantages of choosing a hosted VoIP solution include easy scalability (add or subtract users, lines, etc. depending on your business needs), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options, included features, and more. And one of the biggest factors to consider is that VoIP solutions are gaining more speed and are becoming the norm in all businesses. "There has been a tremendous acceleration this year and we see that continuing and gathering even more pace," said Carter. "This will quicken the point at which the physical PBX becomes redundant and beyond that, the time when carriers and comms resellers move away completely from the old calls and lines business and go completely digital." 

About DMSL

DMSL is a leading specialist distributor and aggregation partner for mobile and fixed voice, broadband, and cloud services in the UK. Established more than 15 years ago, DMSL works with reliable suppliers, such as Gamma, BT, O2, Telefonica, Plusnet, Vonage, and Virgin Media Business, to bring resellers the best communication solutions the industry can offer. DMSL provides a comprehensive portfolio of business products and services, from single phone lines to multi-site hosted voice platforms.