Enghouse Interactive Unveils Quality Management Suite v 7.0

Zenica JoyApr 01, 2017

Contact centers provide actionable intelligence that drives ongoing improvement and enables organizations to deliver exceptional customer service. As digital technology continues to evolve and reshape businesses, contact centers now more than ever need a versatile communication platform for them to quickly and efficiently respond to customers needs in any channel, at any time.

Enghouse Interactive, a trusted leader in customer communications, has unveiled their comprehensive IP call and computer recording, quality monitoring, and evaluation software for contact centers, the enhanced Quality Management Suite (QMS). With the enhanced QMS v 7.0, organizations can increase customer interaction and improve user experience by providing affordable and feature-rich call recording and quality monitoring features and capabilities.

Enhancing Customer Interactions in Contact Centers

With the rise of digital transformation, organizations should leverage a contact center solution that’s robust and agile enough to deliver the necessary tools to monitor employee and enhance their performance. This way, employees can efficiently respond to the needs of the consumers and improve interactions in the process. The solution is Enghouse Interactive’s enhanced Quality Management Suite (QMS) 7.0.

Designed to deliver a unified, tightly integrated portfolio, QMS 7.0 contact centers enable business leaders and managers to gain feedback and build customer loyalty. As part of Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Center (CC) and Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE) solutions, QMS enables organizations to document interactions and provide constructive and consistent feedback to employees. Plus, this solution also features a redesigned user interface (UI). 

John Cray, the Vice President of Product Management at Enghouse Interactive,  has this to say about QMS 7.0.  “In a global marketplace emphasizing the quality of the customer experience, organizations must have the means to monitor, record, review and evaluate customer interactions, quickly and easily.” “Enhancements to the Quality Management Suite provide supervisors and agents with much-needed guidance and agility and, most importantly, the ability to continuously improve the value of customer interactions.”

As an affordable, feature-rich call recording and quality monitoring solution, QMS 7.0 can help businesses of all sizes improve customer service experience. With Call Recording (for interaction recording and live monitoring), Agent Evaluation (call scoring and agent coaching), and Computer Recording (desktop recording and live monitoring) capabilities, Enghouse Interactive’s QMS delivers the following benefits:Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite

  • Improving operational efficiency and employee productivity by unobtrusively evaluating agents.
  • Reducing liability and gaining regulatory compliance by documenting calls.
  • Helping business leaders and managers have an in-depth understanding of employee activities and customer interactions.
  • Simplifying dispute resolutions with a detailed record of all interactions.
  • Offering exceptional service and support by monitoring and maintaining the quality of all customer interactions.
  • Optimizing other business systems through simple and efficient integration of other software or applications like customer management system (CRM).
  • Learning the impact of training and quickly identifying training gaps.
  • Providing managers a  seamless way to automatically measure speaking behaviors.
  • Updating score cards in real-time by using a Real-Time Speech Analytics Soft Evaluators module.

Why Choose Enghouse Interactive’s QMS 7.0

With so many contact center software available in the market, what makes QMS 7.0 a top choice for organizations wanting to improve their customer engagement?  According to John Cray, “Quality Management Suite 7.0 is the solution that businesses need to drive the highest quality customer interactions.”

With a wide range of enterprise-grade features, QMS 7.0 enables contact centers and other businesses to increase process efficiency and effectiveness and enhance the user experience. Additionally, this feature-rich call recording and quality monitoring solution also helps contact centers provide call, screen, and interaction recording, secure call recording files, and meet related Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards. 

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Below are the key features of Enghouse Interactive’s Quality Management Suite:

  • Screen recordings and live monitoring - Captures calls and records desktop activities to easily determine broken processes and improve customer experience.
  • Analyze recordings - Enables organizations to analyze recordings and update scorecards in real-time.
  • Desktop utility - Start, stop, and pause records directly from the desktops.
  • Unified user interface - All modules are available from a single web-based user interface.
  • Scorecards - Helps supervisors score staff through a range of criteria, from assisting customers to up-selling products.
  • Multi-language support - Enables users to select the language ( e.g. English, French, Italian, Arabic, and more) they want.
  • API access - QMS integrates well with customer relationship systems (CRMS) and other Enghouse Interactive products, including Enterprise and Real-Time Speech Analytics.

Beyond Contact Center Support

Enhancements to the QMS 7.0 empowers contact center leaders and managers by helping them monitor and review agents’ performance KPIs. This call recording and quality monitoring solution also helps supervisors get unfettered access to reporting and evaluations, which are crucial to high-performance, omni-channel contact centers. However, the use of Enghouse Interactive’s Quality Management Suite (QMS) is not just limited to contact centers.

Quality Management Suite (QMS) can be employed across different business areas that provide customer service support such as help desks, desk-based sales teams, individual operators, and call attendants. Additionally, QMS provides liability protection while helping regulated firms meet their compliance obligations, especially for companies that operate in highly-regulated and volatile industries such as healthcare, banking, and government.

In the Central European market, QMS 7.0 has been integrated with the Innovaphone PBX, a widely-used telephony platform. Combined with security and compliance enhancements in this area, and integrated with its popular Voxtron contact center platform, Enghouse Interactive helps provide significant growth in one of the world’s biggest economies.

For more information about Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Center (CC) and Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE) solutions, including QMS, please visit their website.

About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive is a leading developer of the most comprehensive portfolio of interaction management solutions. Established in 1984, Enghouse Interactive offers a suite of solutions such as multi-channel contact center, attendant operator console, self-service, and workforce optimization that support a wide range of deployment methods, including premise-based, community, hybrid, private or public cloud. The company’s wide portfolio of customer interaction management solutions offer customers and partners a complete, fully featured solution from a single vendor. Enghouse Interactive’s Cloud Contact Center solution was the first true cloud-based contact center option on the market, offering full multi-tenancy as standard.