GTT Serves Up Managed SD-WAN Service Powered by VeloCloud

Zenica JoyMay 03, 2017

As enterprise traffic continues to grow at a rapid rate, with more and more businesses transitioning to the cloud, numerous companies are looking to service providers for a networking solution that can help them deliver cost-effective bandwidth management, optimize application performance, and integrate network technologies. GTT Communications' managed software-defined world area network (SD-WAN) service provides a viable option to customers through cutting-edge technology with a number of business benefits.

As a leading global cloud networking provider, GTT’s goal in launching its Managed SD-WAN service is to expand their cloud and WAN networking services, support the rapid growth of enterprise network traffic, and connect people across organizations and around the world. Powered by VeloCloud’s Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN technology, GTT’s Managed SD-WAN solution simplifies network control (especially for branch locations) in order to drive greater efficiencies in enterprise wide area network (WAN) management.

Meeting the Demand for a Stable Managed SD-WAN Solution

Organizations need a networking solution like SD-WAN technology to increase business efficiency and optimize the user experience across cloud-based services and applications.

Mark Winther, the Group Vice President for Worldwide Telecom Consulting at IDC, offers insight on how SD-WAN can help support a business’ communication and networking needs.

“Our research indicates that enterprises are constantly seeking more cost-effective delivery of business applications,” said Winther. “SD-WAN technology is an attractive networking platform to help enterprises adapt to the growth in cloud computing, improve network efficiencies and simplify WAN management, especially for branch locations.”

With enterprise level WANs becoming more expensive and complex to manage, utilizing an SD-WAN service such as GTT’s Managed SD-WAN solution provides organizations with a simpler way to enhance connectivity, reduce complexity, and lessen operational costs. Powered by VeloCloud, businesses can benefit from GTT’s SD-WAN services with features like dynamic bandwidth management, optimized application performance, and the ability to integrate cost-efficient network technologies into the corporate WAN.rick calder president and ceo of gtt

Rick Calder, the President and CEO of GTT, is excited about the company's partnership with VeloCloud. “As enterprise traffic continues to grow rapidly, GTT is committed to delivering cloud networking services that are application-aware and responsive to ever-increasing bandwidth demands. We are pleased to partner with VeloCloud for our Managed SD-WAN initiative, providing our clients with optimized performance and cost-effective network expansion.”

Through GTT’s partnership with VeloCloud, the company can expand its cloud and hybrid WAN networking services and continue to support the growth of enterprise network traffic and the utilization of cloud-based applications.

“GTT and VeloCloud are well positioned to capitalize on the potential of SD-WAN technology and services for the enterprise market worldwide,” added Winther.

Key Benefits of GTT’s Managed SD-WAN Solution

Building on GTT’s success in delivering hybrid WAN services, the company’s Managed SD-WAN solution utilizes VeloCloud’s SD-WAN technology. As a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN company, VeloCloud helps simplify branch WAN networking by automating deployment and enhancing performance over private, broadband Internet, and long-term evolution (LTE) links.gtt cloud networking provider

Sanjay Uppal, the VeloCloud CEO and Co-founder, also commented on their company's partnership with GTT.

“A global footprint, cloud expertise and advanced managed services, combined with simplicity, speed, and agility, make GTT an ideal partner for VeloCloud," said Uppal. "The true multitenant VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN architecture, service model and capabilities align seamlessly with GTT’s global network services, to deliver a scalable, high-performance, secure global Managed SD-WAN offering to multinational businesses for cloud-based and on-premises applications.”

By employing VeloCloud SD-WAN technology, GTT can help manage network traffic, allow business customers to route applications, and grant them the ability to utilize bandwidth more efficiently in order to enhance performance for hybrid WAN.

The following are some of the key benefits of using GTT’s Managed SD-WAN solution:

  • Enhanced network efficiency. GTT’s SD-WAN solution makes it easier for end-users to integrate geographically dispersed locations into a network, reduce costs on branch office network equipment, and ensure WAN failover at branch sites. Plus, it also maximizes network capacity with its ability to use all available bandwidth simultaneously.
  • Smart, customized routing. GTT’s Managed SD-WAN enables organizations to define business policies for network traffic, separating this into service groups based on factors such as required performance, CoS, and security.
  • An integrated fully managed network. GTT’s Managed SD-WAN offering integrates well with the company’s public and private WAN services to deliver a unified, managed network. Also, end-user customers can fully leverage a secure, private access to business-critical applications.
  • High-quality delivery of real-time applications. With GTT’s Managed SD-WAN, business customers can monitor application performance via an application visibility and analytics portal. Also, it enables the delivery of real-time applications, such as unified communication and collaboration, voice, video, and more, from end to end.  

For more information about Managed SD-WAN technology, visit GTT’s official website. You can also visit VeloCloud’s website to learn how Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN can seamlessly and economically expand your wide area network.


About GTT

GTT Communicaitons, Inc., a global provider of cloud networking solutions, is committed to redefining business communication with its comprehensive portfolio of WAN, Internet, managed services, and voice services.  With assets that include a Tier 1 IP network, the company has an extensive connectivity to reputable cloud service providers across the world and a broad portfolio of diverse last mile connectivity options to any location. GTT’s unified communication and voice portfolio, including SIP trunking, call center solutions, and hosted PBX helps improve business communication.

About VeloCloud

VeloCloud Networks, Inc., one of the leading telecommunications service providers, helps today’s globally distributed enterprises by improving performance and automating deployment over private, broadband Internet, and LTE links.  As a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN company, VeloCloud offers the only SD-WAN solution that supports data plane services in the cloud, in addition to on-premise deployments.