How Epygi Helps Meet the Demands of Today’s Modern Workforce

Zenica JoyJul 10, 2017

The way employees work and communicate is evolving to include more technologies and tools thanks to technology innovation over the past number of years. Today's employee is not required to be tied to an office desk for a select number of hours. Instead, Unified Communications (UC) and the easy access to cloud technologies are making it easier to work remotely or to work from home. With these remote working arrangements becoming the norm in many businesses, organizations need to invest in and embrace unified communications as well as cutting-edge IP-based telephony solutions to enable their employees to work from any device without time or geographical boundaries.

In this article, Ashot Sargsyan, the Head of the Validation Department at Epygi Technologies, shares the benefits of working remotely and discusses with how Epygi’s IP PBXs can empower today’s modern, remote workforce.

Why Remote Working Is Ideal in Today’s Business Landscape

“Remote work possibilities allow the companies to find the best-qualified individuals for the open position,” noted Sargsyan. “A company would also benefit financially and save money on employees who work remotely. With virtual collaboration tools, the remote employees would be able to easily communicate as if they’re in the same conference room.”remote employees working in different locations

Aside from the cost-saving advantages of remote employees, Sargsyan also highlights the productivity benefits of choosing to hire remote workers or letting employees work remotely. “Maintaining other office locations might seem challenging but you can still have productive company meetings by holding video conferences; and when executives are not onsite, they can still view the current video stream of any IP camera installed at their office locations from their IP video phone,” he said.

Sargsyan also shared some tips on how businesses with employees working in multiple locations can improve their communications through the use of reliable UC and telephony solutions. “Managing multiple office locations can be hard, but with a good strategic plan, everything is doable,” noted Sargsyan. “One of the key factors for a successful multi-location business is a reliable and unified communication system in place. Alternate routing options will be highly recommended whether going through the Internet or through a local carrier. Route failover is another key factor for the success of a multi-location business. Minimize your system's downtime and data loss by installing a second redundant identical unit, which runs in active standby mode and in case of a failure of the primary unit it will be activated.”

Sargsyan also said that organizations need to go beyond traditional telephony solutions in order to succeed and stay competitive.  “Any company with communication needs requires a phone system with the same reliability and clarity of a large enterprise product," said Sargsyan. "No matter the size of your business, you need a solution that will provide a premium level of service every day on every call. “ 

And by taking advantage of reliable Internet Protocol (IP) public branch exchange (PBX) phone systems, businesses can ensure seamless communication and enable their remote workers to connect and collaborate in a seamless and cost-efficient way.

Key Features and Benefits of On-Premise or IP-PBX Phone Systems

An IP PBX is a phone system that delivers calls over IP network. Because broadband is relatively cheap and accessible to most (if not all) businesses, VoIP is often the preferred method of communication. VoIP telephony differs from regular telephone service by treating phone conversations as data passing through the IP network. Because of this, businesses can considerably cut costs and use their existing resources more efficiently by choosing the right VoIP tools and solutions. 

“Interoperability partnership helps to create multi-vendor solutions which are truly unified,” said Sargsyan “ It can offer broader feature set, faster product installations, lower price ranges, and most importantly reliable, cutting-edge solutions to the global market.”

Aside from these, choosing an On-Premise Based PBX system delivers the following benefits to businesses:

  • Lowers ongoing total cost of ownership;   
  • Offers unified dial plans;
  • Delivers point-to-point connection for multi-sites;
  • No dependency on 3rd party servers;
  • Provides secure communication option;
  • Redundancy (Local PTSN trunks, alternate providers);
  • Relocation of the office's server is made easy with a compact, easily transportable, and adaptable IP PBX; and
  • Provides complete control and flexibility. If desired even the PSTN service providers can be switched or mixed-and-matched.    

However, with so many IP PBXs in the market today, how can businesses choose the right IP PBX that can help meet the needs of today’s the remote workforce? According to Sargsyan, businesses should look for an IP PBX that offers the following:

  • Reliability, security, and scalability 
  • Diagnostic and cost-saving capabilities
  • Easy installation, configuration, and maintenance
  • Good customer support from vendors
  • Stable IP PBX vendors
  • Cross-certified with a broad range of IP phones and SIP providers

Use Cases of VoIP and IP-PBX Phone Solutions

In speaking with Voip-info, Sargsyan highlighted the benefits of using IP PBXs in various industries such as the following:

  • Call Centers –  Call Centers that are equipped with VoIP solutions are able to take on thousands of simultaneous calls. They would also save enormously on telephone bills. Even small companies would be able to appear more sophisticated by offering on-hold music or messages, multilingual menu capabilities, and self-serve opportunities. VoIP solutions are typically more feature-rich than traditional telephones and allow flexibility for call centers with remote locations or for employees working from home as agents.
  • Hotels – The usage of VoIP technology in hotels brings about significant benefits to guests and their personnel. Cost savings will be the main driving force for the switch from legacy telecommunications networks to IP-based communications. It will also allow performing a number of functions using only a VoIP telephony, such as reporting on Room Condition Status, Guest Check-in and Check-outs, scheduling alarms for guest extensions, and even reporting on Minibar inventory.
  • Schools – Using VoIP services in schools will help cut down on phone bill expenses and bring security, giving teachers and staff members the ability to report emergencies anywhere in the campus. Setting up telephones at each classroom will also allow teachers or even parents to contact each other at the time of emergency. It would also make it possible to connect the phone system to school’s paging system, thereby allowing to make announcements when needed.

What Makes Epygi Stand Out in the Market

As a leading global provider of innovative telephony solutions, Epygi Technologies is committed to making communication easy for small and mid-sized businesses. In order to meet the demands of today’s modern workforce, Epygi delivers feature-rich IP PBXs and modular Gateways that ensure seamless communication and consistent user experience across any devices, regions, and time zones. Epygi Technologies Logo

Epygi’s remote extension (RE) feature can take away the burden associated with working remotely. “RE is an advanced telephony feature enhancing the calling capability on PBX,” said Sargsyan “User registers an IP phone on the PBX remotely and uses this remote IP phone the same way as a locally connected one while being away from the office. All PBX telephony features will be available to the remote phone for making and receiving calls, accessing voicemails, etc.”

The Extensions Management and Call Routing features also allow businesses with multiple offices and remote workers to interact as if they were all at the same site. “Epygi PBXs allow configuring multiple PBXs in geographically distributed offices to operate as one unified PBX,” said Sargsyan. “Such type of multi-site configuration allows connecting multiple offices in different cities, states or even countries. If the customer requires then any number of extensions can be defined per any type of dialing plan.”

Plus, businesses can also take advantage of Epygi’s wide range of fully functional, modular, and feature-rich IP PBXs such as:

  • QX200 IP PBX – This award-winning solution is designed for offices of up to 200 users and equipped with four FXO ports to connect to the PSTN.  QX200 IP PBX also supports up to 64 concurrent calls and includes SIP trunking so it can connect directly to an ITSP at no additional cost.

  • QX50 IP PBX –   Designed for smaller offices of up to 50 users, the  QX50 IP PBX allows users to make up to 16 simultaneous IP calls. This phone system is also equipped with a built-in router with LAN and WAN ports to manage office's data network.

  • QX2000 –  Specifically designed for enterprise-sized businesses, the QX2000 offers increased capacity for IP phones and licensable features for businesses. This complete solution supports up to 2,000 users and is capable of handling 300 concurrent calls. Any number of required FXS, FXO, ISDN BRI, E1 and T1 analog or digital ports can be easily added by interconnecting with Epygi QXFXO4, QXISDN4, QXE1T1, and QXFXS24 Gateways.

To learn more about Epygi’s innovative telephony solutions and how these products are empowering today’s remote workers and mobile teams, please visit Epygi’s official website.


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