How Phonism Simplifies VoIP Phone Provisioning and Management for Service Providers

Zenica JoyJul 25, 2017

Back in the old days, phone provisioning has been a manual process. In fact, it was not uncommon for businesses to spend a couple of days setting up a workspace due mainly to the tedious task of provisioning each phone. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, the advent of the cloud and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions have enabled many organizations to employ new, innovative tools that have raised the level of efficiency when it comes to managing and provisioning phone devices.

In this article, Steve Lazaridis, the Chief Executive Officer of Phonism, explains how Phonism disrupts the traditional model for phone provisioning and further shares with Voip-Info how their innovative cloud-based solution allows service providers and their customer base to simplify the management of VoIP phones before, during, and after deployment.

Simplifying VoIP Phone Provisioning and Management with Phonism

As the leading innovator in VoIP device provisioning and management, Phonism helps managed service providers, hosted VoIP providers, and their customer base to put an end to manual VoIP provisioning and management with their cutting-edge, cloud-based solution.

“Phonism’s mission is to help service providers and telecom organizations streamline and automate processes around phone provisioning and management, saving them valuable time and increasing their bottom line,” said Lazaridis. With Phonism, simplifying the management of all phone features and settings is made easy by using a single online portal to control all configuration in one centralized location.Steve Lazaridis, the Chief Executive Officer at Phonism

Plus, Phonism gives service providers and their customer base the right tool they need to do the following:

  • Boost operational efficiency. “Existing provisioning systems don’t scale,” said Lazaridis. “Our solution helps you onboard and support customers faster, allowing you to scale your business fast and effectively. Users can apply configuration changes to one or many phones in seconds through our simple interface, easily manage firmware upgrades, and grant access to users so they can make simple changes themselves."

  • Get organized. “Phonism helps you know the status on all your phones and manage everything in one place,” said Lazaridis. "We support devices from leading vendors like Avaya, Yealink, Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream." Additionally, Phonism enables users to manage devices across all their tenants, get the inventory by tenant and model through the dashboard, and stay up to date on all the phone's activity with the log history.

What Makes Phonism Unique

Lazaridis shares three reasons why Phonism stands out from other phone management and provisioning solutions in the VoIP market.

  • Simplicity is the first priority. The market needed a tool that is simple and saves users a significant about of time. With Phonism, businesses do not need a staff of highly paid technicians to manage various devices. Because of this, businesses can easily keep their devices secure and stay up-to-date with the latest firmware and software versions.

  • Provisioning and management are the core focus. Many solutions on the market are tied into a particular private branch exchange (PBX) or system (Broadsoft DMS, Netsapiens NDP, and more). With Phonism, provisioning and management remain the core focus, thereby delivering the most value to service providers in their deployments and throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • PBX and Phone brand agnostic. Phonism is not bound to any PBX or specific phone brand. This gives service providers the ultimate flexibility and allows customers to expand their list of supported devices. This way, service providers can support a variety of clientele with its ability to provision multiple brands of VoIP phones.

The Impact of Phonism in the VoIP Space

“Phonism is making an impact for our customers in two major areas: Operational Efficiency and Customer Experience,” said Lazaridis. “If you think about it, they are pretty intertwined. By helping service providers streamline operations, onboarding and support become quicker with lesser errors made. This makes customers happier right from the start. Like the saying goes, ‘there’s no second chance for a first impression'.”phonism logo

In addition to these benefits, Phonism also gives service providers an easy way to manage their customers’ devices regardless of the systems they are currently using. As a stand alone and device agnostic solution with full UI-driven provisioning interface (no XML editing), Phonism allows customers to have the same experience across VoIP systems they work with. “We were tired of seeing crappy solutions around device management in the space,” said Lazaridis. “VoIP has been around long enough to where this should have been solved years ago!  So we took it upon ourselves to solve this in the PBX and device agnostic way.”

Meeting the Demands of Today’s VoIP Market

“VoIP solutions have definitely allowed an increase in remote workers,” noted Lazaridis. “The ability to seamlessly communicate with your team over voice, video, chat, etc… is a huge value add. And with solutions that allow users to have a single number for multiple devices, the reason to move to VoIP is even stronger, especially when you look at some of the UC systems that tightly integrate hardware and software. “

As a vendor in the VoIP space, Phonism aims to help service providers and their customer base simplify the the complexities of today’s telecommunications market with new support and product integrations. “We are on a mission this year,” said Lazaridis.  “So far, we have released support for Yealink, Grandstream, Avaya’s new open standards SIP phones, and there will be more to come. With our current list of supported models, we have tackled a large portion of the VoIP market. “

Phonism also has additional features in the works that will make life even easier for service providers. These include providing simpler button programming, integrations with other systems, white-label support for resellers, and more. Plus, the company is also planning to enter the softphone market in the coming years. 

To learn more about Phonism’s cloud-based platform for VoIP phone provisioning and management, visit Phonism’s official website.


About Phonism

As a leading innovator in VoIP phone provisioning and management, Phonism aims to help telecommunications service providers and IT organizations to put an end to manual provisioning. Established in 2015 and based in sunny Tampa, Florida, Phonism specializes in VoIP provisioning, Firmware Upgrades,  SIP Provisioning, Phone Management, Endpoint Discovery, and more.