How Unified Office Successfully Boosts Business Communications

Zenica JoyJun 20, 2017

As one of the biggest technology game changers, the cloud continues to transform business operations, customer relationships, and industry value chains. One of the greatest advantages that the cloud brings to today's businesses and the average consumer is the easy access to real-time data across the board. Whether it be in the form of push notifications, email alerts, chat, presence, or analytics, businesses now have a wide array of data to sort and analyze. In turn, this vital data enables businesses to better understand their network and their communications, thus helping them find out where the weak points are in their workflows or overall system.

In this article, Ray Pasquale, the Founder and CEO of Unified Office, discusses the impact of cloud communications and real-time data on business networks and how his company is helping businesses host reliable, secure Unified Communications (UC) systems.

The Cloud and Access to Real-Time Data

Prior to easily accessible cloud communications, businesses were entirely dependent on their IT staff and service providers for the health and status for their network. Uptime and reliability alike are big factors for businesses, especially those whose consistent communications drive their business model. But through the use of the cloud, companies have gained insights into their organization, making it easier for them to share, collaborate, and access key documents or relevant data without geographical boundaries. By harnessing the power of cloud-based communication solutions, companies are able to take immediate action based on real-time data, further driving efficient business processes and helping to improve customer experiences.

Once companies move their applications and data to the cloud, they can also take advantage of Application Programming Interface (API) integrations to foster deeper collaboration and customization. APIs allow business applications and systems to connect and/or talk to other services and applications, and these sets of protocols can enable businesses to open data and functionality across departments and locations within the company, between developers, and other businesses.

Additionally, storing vital customer and business data into the cloud instead of saving them on a server can improve productivity and streamline communications between businesses and their customer based. Companies leveraging the cloud can easily retrieve crucial data in real-time and use this to personalize interactions in order to enhance response time and improve customer experience.

And leading cloud phone service provider Unified Office, through the help of their innovative Total Connect Now solution, is helping businesses do just that: utilize cloud technologies to help work smarter and better.

Unified Office in Action: Working with Bay Microsystems

Most recently, the positive business impacts of Unified Office's Total Connect Now can be seen through its application at Bay Microsystem. Bay Microsystems, a provider of wide area networking applications, was seeking a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and analytics solution that could address the challenges they were faced with due to their geographically dispersed data. They sought out the help of Unified Office to help increase the value, accessibility, and management of their organization's data and mission critical client communications using their innovative and reliable VoIP and analytics business communications platform.unified office total connect now company logo

"Voice communications are extremely critical for us, our partners, and our customers," said Harry Carr, the Chief Executive Officer at Bay Microsystems. "Unified Office's Total Connect Now(SM) service, built on top of their highly resilient and dependable Highest Quality Routing Cloud (HQRP) network has given us unprecedented reliability and quality along with a highly configurable system. It is indeed a pleasure to work with a company like Unified Office that is so innovative and flexible. Rather than providing us with a one size fits all inflexible system like most other voice systems are, they worked with us to design a solution that met the unique needs of our business and our customers. They have managed to turn voice communications from being a commodity into a game changing experience that creates real tangible value."

By utilizing the Total Connect Now solution from Unified Office, Bay Microsystems now has the capacity to seamlessly and easily add overseas VARS into their company’s communication network. “We have experienced significant productivity benefits from Unified Office,” said Carr. “For example, with their simple extension dialing features, I can add anyone on my team instantly from my smartphone or tablet using voice or video and perform a demonstration of our product capabilities on the fly. Features like this help our sales and marketing teams to grow our business.”

Through high quality and highly reliable managed service, Unified Office has helped Bay Microsystems eliminate the finger pointing that is typical with multi-vendor systems. "Additionally, we were able to re-allocate key employees, who previously spent a large part of their time managing our previous communications system, to perform core software development work for us,” said Carr. “There are not many vendors in the marketplace today that have these capabilities. Our experience is that nobody comes close to what Unified Office offers."

Unified Office: Helpings Businesses to Fully Embrace Mobility and Enhance Operation Processes 

Ray Pasquale also shared how Total Connect Now, the company’s feature-rich, device-agnostic business communication service, can help businesses like Bay Microsystems improve their operational workflows and fully embrace mobility in the workplace.headshot of Ray Pasquale CEO and Founder of Unified Office

“Unified Office provides unlimited capacity for Bay Microsystems to easily scale as their company grows," mentioned Pasquale. "If any of their facilities suffers a power or broadband outage, the inbound communications traffic can be dynamically switched to other sites for continuous business operations. Our High Quality Routing Protocol (HQRP™) transmission network provides superior VoIP/UC services to Bay Microsystems without the need for costly dedicated T1 access lines or MPLS tunnels. Unified Office's cloud is elastic and engineered to scale as needed to meet the demands of the largest of companies. We are very proud to have an industry leader like Bay Microsystems as a customer."

By using Total Connect Now, businesses can take advantage of an “Any Device, Any Place” architecture to enable them to communicate with their customers and employees and accomplish their tasks anywhere using any device that they are comfortable with. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) tablets, laptops, and smartphones can also be fully integrated with office desktop environment to give businesses access to carrier-grade communication features that include audio and fax, video conferencing, visual voicemail, virtual receptionist, and instant messaging.

Aside from Total Connect Now, Unified Office also developed the Visual Performance Suite and Internet of Things (IoT) platform that provides a real-time view of changes in operational performance levels and actionable intelligence for SMBs, store managers, and owners. This way, organizations can easily determine real-time business performance, take immediate actions, and apply continuous operational improvements to help improve client satisfaction, increase customer retention, and boost revenues and profitability.

Looking Ahead: Where UC is Headed

Slowly but surely, the cloud and UC is transforming the business communications industry by nesting all forms of communication into one, easy to read format that helps give businesses insight into the impact of their communications system. Now, companies no longer have to worry about switching between third-party applications or confusing interfaces to connect with executives, employees, or customers. Plus, company executives and administrators can gain valuable knowledge of their company and employee performance through the use of real-time analytics tools, allowing them to adjust as needed depending on statistics.

But UC is always changing and is quickly adapting to the various workflows of businesses in all industries. "The UC/VoIP industry as we once knew it is undergoing rapid disruption much like the mini-computer industry did with the arrival of the PC many years ago," shared Pasquale. "Software defined networks, virtualization techniques, and open source solutions and features that offer material tangible value represent the future and will be delivered in different forms from some very different companies like Unified Office."

To learn more about how the Total Connect Now can help deliver a feature-rich, device-agnostic business communications service, please visit Unified Office’s official website.


About Bar Microsystems

A pioneer in developing mission-critical, big data wide area networking (WAN) applications, Bay Microsystems provides technology solutions that boost the value of data for government agencies and commercial enterprises that include life sciences, media and entertainmentfinancial markets, and cloud service providers. Established in 2006, Bay Microsystems aims to “empower businesses with geo-diverse locations to unleash the value of their distributed data assets by providing fast, efficient transfer of and access to any data, anywhere, and anytime.”

About Unified Office

Unified Office, Inc. is a trusted provider of software-defined network (SDN)-based hybrid cloud managed VoIP and UC services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The company’s Total Connect Now(SM) service architecture was specifically developed to deliver the highest quality of experience and availability using the latest in extensible business VoIP technology and cloud-based infrastructure to improve SMB workforce productivity. As a business VoIP provider, Unified Office has developed scalable products, designed protocols, and integrated, deployed, and supported enterprise-level technology solutions and equipment into some of the biggest converged networks across the globe.