How VoIP Supply is Helping Service Providers and Resellers Succeed in the VoIP Space

Zenica JoySep 20, 2017

The digital era has raised the bar for many companies and service providers when it comes to delivering high-quality business communication solutions and services. With today’s smart consumers demanding cost-effective and reliable communication solutions and various companies promising to deliver innovative tools and services that aim to address this demand, getting a strong foothold in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) space can be a difficult undertaking for some companies.

For service providers and resellers aiming to expand their reach, win over new clients, and succeed in the telecommunication space, they need to develop an innovative program that can aid their customers in choosing the right VoIP tools and services.

In this article, learn how North America’s leading provider of VoIP services and solutions, VoIP Supply can help service providers, resellers, and their customer base stay relevant in the competitive VoIP market. Paula Griffo, the President and CFO at VoIP Supply, shares with VoIP-Info the benefits of using their Partner Program Portal to gain more knowledge about VoIP to improve business communication.

What is the Partner Program Portal?

VoIP Supply’s Partner Program Portal helps VoIP resellers gain access to lots of free, useful documentation that they can download to share with their customers and win more deals. The documentation includes educational resources, marketing materials, and other useful product information such as datasheets, rate sheets, etc.VoIP Supply Partner Program logo

“Through our partner portal, resellers are able to use VoIP Supply experts as an extension of your own team or business to maximize their customer's experience,” said Paula Griffo, the President and CFO at VoIP Supply. “Our sales team are very experienced in the VoIP industry.” Additionally,  through the Partner Portal, VoIP resellers will also get information on upcoming webinars, training sessions, and the latest promotions that focus on VoIP technology.

VoIP Supply’s Partner Program Portal: Your Comprehensive Guide to Understanding VoIP

The Partner Program Portal developed by VoIP Supply helps service providers, resellers, and their customers learn more about VoIP technology. Utilizing the marketing materials found in the Partner Program Portal will enable users to have the best resources in order to learn and understand various VoIP services, explain complex concepts, and compare VoIP products and tools.

By taking advantage of the Education Guides included in the Partner Program Portal, service providers, resellers, and their customer base can improve their knowledge about VoIP services and solutions and use this to simplify their operations and boost their business productivity.  Some educational guides covered in the Partner Program Portal include the following:

  • VoIP Phones -  This guide covers the VoIP phone technology, features and functions, purchase instructions, phone types, and more to help service providers and resellers determine the right VoIP phone that meets their business needs and requirements.
  • VoIP Headsets -  This guide assists users in selecting the right headset for a VoIP phone by discussing headset technology, it’s types, features, and functions.
  • Headset and Phone Compatibility - This guide explains the compatibility of VoIP phones and headsets via simply charts.
  • VoIP Phone Systems - This guide helps users define the technology and discusses important VoIP features and benefits as well as the kinds of businesses that use VoIP. Plus, it assists users on how to purchase VoIP systems and more.
  • Open Source PBX Systems - This guide focuses on open source telephony technology, its features and functions, different solution types, current offerings, real solution examples, and more.
  • VoIP Service - This guide enables users to learn different VoIP service solutions for home office, small business, and large enterprises.

How VoIP Supply Helps Service Providers and Resellers Leverage the Power of VoIP

“Voice over Internet Protocol has shaped how businesses of all sizes are run these days,” said Griffo. “This technology [VoIP] makes it easy for businesses to communicate and be organized. It's more than just phones, it's a business enhancement tool that helps employees be more productive and work anywhere in the world. In fact, you can hire the most qualified people anywhere and it's as if they are working right in the office with you.”

Paula Griffo, President and CFO of VoIP Supply
Paula Griffo, the President and CFO of VoIP Supply

With the scalability, cost-efficiency, and productivity benefits of VoIP technology, many companies are switching over to VoIP solutions to boost business communication, streamline work processes, and enhance the customer experiences. However, transitioning to a cloud-based business model and leveraging VoIP does not come without its challenges. In order to help find the right VoIP solutions and services that meet customer expectations, VoIP Supply has developed the Partner Program Portal designed for VoIP service providers, resellers, and their customer base.

As a trusted one-stop-shop for cloud service offerings, VoIP Supply gives businesses, service providers, and resellers access to a host of VoIP services that fit their size, requirements, and needs. “ The cloud has created a space where people can feel safe shopping for VoIP Service, as this can be a big move and change for most businesses,” said Griffo. “The CloudSpan MarketPlace allows our resellers to match the customers to the provider and not push something that doesn't fit their needs. It's our business model to fit the customer to the right VoIP solution, and with the MarketPlace our resellers are able to push that down to their customers.”

Beyond VoIP

According to Griffo, one of the trends that impacts the VoIP market is the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). “SIP has become more and more popular in the VoIP market,” said Griffo.  “We are helping to educate not only our resellers but our end-users on the advantages of SIP with webinars.” In line with this, VoIP Supply and Sangoma Technologies, a leading provider of unified communications solutions, will be hosting a webinar on the 26th of September to help businesses learn the features and benefits of the FAXStation and SIPStation.


About VoIP Supply

VoIP Supply is a leading VoIP service provider in North America. Established in 2002, the company continues to deliver valuable VoIP solutions and services for more than 125,000 customers worldwide. With over 35 passionate employees, 2,500 products, 20,000 square feet of office space, and an unlimited number of solutions, VoIP Supply has everything you need for VoIP, whether you are a consumer, business, service provider, or reseller. On July 1, 2017, the company became part of the Sangoma family of companies.